Cultural Resources Management Plan

The Cultural Resources Management Plan (CRMP) is a citywide plan.  Its purpose is to protect resources from unintended or accidental destruction and to help organizations ensure compliance with federal, state, and local laws and regulations that govern and provide guidance for good stewardship in protecting and managing cultural resources. 

Cultural resources include artifacts, features, and sites related to human activities over approximately 14,000 years.  These resources are irreplaceable.  They contribute to a sense of history and place, define a collective shared heritage, and include two time periods: a) the pre-contact period that predates Euro-American settlement; and b) the historic period that ranges from the pre-contact period to 50 years in the past.  

Through policy, code, and operational protocols, the CRMP addresses all aspects of ground disturbing activities including:

  • Private development and land management;
  • Capital improvement and other public projects; and 
  • Standard operations such as forest, park, and stream management.

Plan History

The City received an extension of the CRMP's project deadline to September 29, 2018.

Amended CRMP Project Schedule Per Extension (PDF)

Stakeholder Focus Group

The focus group is a volunteer group including a diverse membership from a variety of disciplines and perspectives for purpose of reviewing and commenting on the draft CRMP. Members include:

  • Agencies
  • Downtown and Bear/Evans Creek stakeholders
  • Landmark and Arts and Culture Commissioners
  • Master Builders
  • OneRedmond
  • Redmond Historical Society
  • Residents and businesses

Focus Group Meetings

The December 15, 2016 workshop included a presentation by DOWL (PDF) followed by group discussion. Documents relevant to the meeting included: