Old Schoolhouse Bell

Old Schoolhouse Bell

City Artifact

Though the schoolhouse bell is not a designated landmark, it is a historic artifact in the City's collection.  

Redmond's first school was a simple log cabin constructed in 1875.  In 1892, a new one-room schoolhouse was constructed in Anderson (Redmond City) Park.  The schoolhouse bell was featured at this school.  Research continues to uncover the bell's story. 

Bell Maintenance

  • March 2019 - the schoolhouse bell is being maintained in storage until such time that is able to be repaired, restored, and installed in an suitable location that allows for its long-term conservation.
  • August 2016 - staff is continuing to explore conservation techniques and opportunities for siting the bell such as at City Hall.
  • January 2015 - bell removed from Public Safety building ledge and transported to Artech facility for overwintering.

Highlights from the Old Schoolhouse Bell's De-Installation

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