Tree Removal

A Tree Removal Permit is required for removal of any significant tree (diameter of at least 6" at 4.5' above the grade) within the City of Redmond regardless of its condition.  A tree removal permit is not required for routine maintenance. Routine maintenance includes selective pruning.

  • An application and tip sheet are provided below, in the Application section.

For single family properties, the maximum number of healthy significant trees allowed to be removed per year is based upon the size of your lot. 

Up to 10,000 square feet  - 2 significant trees

10,001– 20,000 square feet – 4 significant trees

20,001 – 30,000 square feet – 6 significant trees

30,001 square feet or larger – 8 significant trees

For new single-family construction or single-family additions, a minimum of 35% of the existing healthy significant trees on the site must be retained.

For multifamily residential, commercial and industrial properties, the maximum number of health trees removed per year is five (5) per acre.

Landmark trees (diameter greater than 30" at 4.5'), protected  trees, and trees within a critical area (i.e. Native Growth Protection Easement or a wetland/stream buffer, etc.) cannot be removed unless they are determined to be hazardous, dead, diseased, dying or structurally unsound by a certified arborist.