To keep Redmond aesthetically pleasing and safe for pedestrians and vehicles, the City has adopted rules concerning the display of commercial, real estate, construction, and political signs.

Sign Code/Sign Design Standards Revision as of April 15, 2011

As part of the new Zoning Code Update, the Sign Code and Sign Design Standards was updated with the following changes:

  • Sign Code Changes
    • Clarified, reduced redundancy, and reformatted the Old Purpose, Permits, Review, Exemption, and Prohibited Sign sections into new Purpose, Applicability, Administration, Exemption, and Prohibited Sign sections.
    • Reformatted, clarified and added illustrations to the Permitted Sign charts.
    • Reformatted and clarified the Temporary Sign section.
    • Added new section - Sign Programs - for clarity. The section includes Purpose and Intent, Applicability, Approval Authority, Application Requirements, and Standards and Revisions subsections.
    • Repealed and deleted old code references.
    • Added multiple new definitions and illustrations for the sake of clarity.
  • Sign Design Standards Changes
    • Reformatted and added Purpose, Applicability, Compliance, and Administrative Design Flexibility sections.
    • Reformatted, clarified and added illustrations to the General Design Standards section including adding Sign Compatibility, Sign Legibility, Sign Placement, Location and Size subsections.
    • Added a new Design Standards for Specific Sign Types section with Wall Signs, Projecting Signs, Blade Signs, Awning Signs, Window Signs, and Monument Signs subsections in order to add clarity for specific sign types allowed.

Signs for Businesses

  • A business must have an approved business license before they are issued sign permits.
  • Banners are prohibited, however, a six square foot sandwich board is allowed during open hours. Sandwich boards must be removed at the close of each business day.
  • Signs behind windows are exempt.
  • Only one sign per wall elevation is permitted for each business.

Home Businesses

In order to maintain residential character, home businesses are not allowed signage.