Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Officers of the City of Redmond enforce land use regulations within the City of Redmond's Municipal Code (RMC) and the Zoning Code (RZC). The Code Enforcement Officers also review business license applications, issues sign permits, and investigate complaints.

If a violation has occurred, an officer will try to resolve it first through voluntary compliance. If this approach fails, the officer may begin formal civil and/or criminal enforcement proceedings.

Report an Issue

Use the City’s new request management system to report non-emergency issues, make requests, and find answers to common questions. 

Regulations by Redmond Zoning Code

Violation TypeCode
Accessory Dwelling Units RZC 21.08.220
Accessory StructuresRZC 21.08.230
Commercial RegulationsRZC 21.14
Critical Areas RegulationsRZC 21.64
Fences RCZ 21.24
Home BusinessRZC 21.08.340
Outdoor StorageRZC 21.38.010
Residential RegulationsRZC 21.08
Recreational Vehicles /Boats/Commercial Vehicles in Residential AreasRZC 21.40.010
Sight Clearance at IntersectionsRZC 21.52.040
SignsRZC 21.44
Temporary UsesRZC 21.46
Tree RemovalRZC 21.72

Regulations by Redmond Municipal Code

Violation TypeCode
Junk Vehicles on Private Property
RMC 9.44 
Litter and DumpingRMC 6.04
RMC 6.36
Storm and Surface Water Quality
RMC 13.06
Wellhead (Groundwater) ProtectionRMC 13.07