Idylwood Tree Restoration Project

Idylwood Tree Restoration PhasesCottonwood Tree Removal & Restoration

In March and April of 2018, the City removed 14 of 30 identified cottonwood trees in Idylwood Park due to public safety concerns. Further tree removal was put on hold due to an appeal process. Some areas of the park have limited access which is clearly marked with signage and fencing.

Certified staff arborists conducted a visual tree risk assessment on all trees throughout the park. Factors considered for the risk assessment included tree health, defects, species, and location. Based on the tree risk assessments, thirty cottonwood trees were identified for removal. There is a tree restoration plan that includes 50 to 75 native mixed evergreen and deciduous trees, 55 to 75 native shrubs and 100 or more ground cover plants.

Key Dates

  • Summer 2017: Two separate large limb failures resulting in injury to park patron and damage to private property. Certified staff arborist on city staff conducted visual tree risk assessment and identified trees in high use areas that needed to be removed.
  • March 2018: Clear and Grade Permit approved, SEPA exemption
  • April 2018: Tree removal began but was placed on hold due to an appeal process - the hearing examiner awarded the appeal in favor of the City.
  • Current: The City is in the process of further evaluating the removal and replanting plan for timing and specifics.


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