Private Drainage Inspection

The City of Redmond inspects stormwater facilities and structures, including vaults, ponds, and catch basins, to ensure they continue to function/comply with design and construction standards. These stormwater systems slow down or collect stormwater runoff after rainfall and snow melt and allow suspended sediments and solids to settle out or be removed before the water enters our streams, wetlands, and lakes. They are installed to help prevent flooding and erosion and protect Redmond’s waterways from pollution.  

The City of Redmond inspects stormwater facilities and structures at industrial, commercial, and manufacturing properties, as well as multi-family, apartments, and condos. Private Drainage Inspection Program staff work with businesses and property managers in a cooperative effort to reduce pollution and bring private stormwater systems into full operation. In Redmond, owners of private stormwater facilities typically receive a discounted stormwater utility fee, so it is to the property owner's advantage to maintain them.