Types of Commercial Permits

Projects that require a Commercial Building Permit include:

  • Tenant Improvement or Exterior Alteration to an existing commercial structure
  • Construction of a new Commercial, Mixed-Use or Multi-Family building
  • Addition to an existing Commercial, Mixed-Use or Multi-Family building
  • Change of Occupancy in an existing building
  • Miscellaneous Permits (Rack Storage, Re-Roof, Retaining Wall, Sign, Storm water Vault, Wireless Communication Facility)
  1. Prepare
  2. Apply
  3. Review
  4. Build


  • Find your property information and determine what is allowed for your zone and your property by referencing the Redmond Zoning Code. 
  • Know your rights! Visit the L&I website for contractor verification and acting as your own contractor.
  • Do you need a clear and grade permit?
  • Are you building near the shoreline?


See the Code and Design Requirements (PDF) for a full list of adopted codes.


Several applications will need to downloaded and filled out. All permit applications are separate submittals. Some potential permits that will need to be applied for are:

What’s it going to cost?

Each permit is based on the value of construction and can vary depending on which process is applicable. Visit the fee schedule page to determine which fees may be applicable to your project.

For fee estimates please e-mail our Permit Technicians. Be prepared to give an accurate value of construction.

I still have questions?

Schedule an appointment to speak with one of our permit technicians. We are more than happy to help answer any questions you may have.