Comprehensive Plan

Redmond's Comprehensive Plan establishes the City's future vision and policy direction. 

Redmond’s Comprehensive Plan provides a 20-year vision for how the city will grow and develop through year 2030. That future may seem distant, but the decisions we make today affect our quality of life tomorrow. The Comprehensive Plan is a guide for making wise land use decisions to ensure steady progress toward our desired future vision.

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Comprehensive Plan CoverFrom an original incorporated area of three square blocks, the City has expanded to its present size of over 17.14 square miles. Regional growth around the Eastside will continue to impact Redmond as more people and businesses are attracted to the area. Redmond 2030 is Redmond's Comprehensive Plan, which outlines framework policies that inform decision making to shape growth  over the next decades.

One important addition with the 2011 Comprehensive Plan update is that it employs sustainability as an organizing principle across the Plan elements. Sustainability allows us to preserve and enhance what we have in order to plan for and achieve a livable Redmond community. The Comprehensive Plan anticipates the next 20 years with the directive of guiding the City’s actions through the lens of the sustainability principles. 

Download the full Comprehensive Plan - Redmond 2030 (PDF)

Comprehensive Plan Amendments adopted 2021

Ordinance 3053, amending the Land Use element

Ordinance 3054, amending the Economic Vitality element

Ordinance 3055, amending the Housing element

Ordinance 3061, amending associated elements of the Comprehensive Plan referencing the General Wastewater Plan

Comprehensive Plan Amendments adopted 2022

Ordinance 3084,  amending the Shoreline Master Program element and Land Use element / Land Use map

Ordinance 3086,  amending the Urban Centers element 

Functional Plans

In addition to its 17 thematic chapters, or elements, the Comprehensive Plan - Redmond 2030 includes supporting documents to address physical infrastructure. Known as functional plans, these documents are adopted by City Council and attached to the Comprehensive Plan by reference.

PARCC Plan CoverParks, Arts, Recreation, Culture & Conservation Master Plan

Adopted 2017

Transportation Plan CoverTransportation Master Plan 

Adopted 2013

HumanServicesCoverHuman Services Master Plan

Adopted 2010, Updated 2016

Capital Investment Strategy CoverCapital Investment Strategy

Adopted 2013