How to Apply

Code Adoption: The 2021 Construction and Fire Codes are anticipated to go into effect on March 15, 2024 pending state and local adoption. All permit applications submitted after March 14, 2024 must comply with the 2021 codes; complete applications received on or before March 14 will be vested to the 2018 codes. For more information, see our Code Change Flyer. Questions about code adoption can be submitted to

Construction Permits, Fire Permits and Land Use Projects/Permits

This page provides instructions for submitting Construction Permits, Fire Permits and Land Use projects/permits. These can be submitted either online or in-person.

It is recommended that persons submitting for a permit have an account so that the permit can be managed online, including making payments and requesting inspections. Register for an account here: REPS Portal

Link to Application Forms (fillable PDF forms)

Documents for permit submittal may not be delivered via courier, fax, or mail.


Most permits can be submitted online. If the permit type you need is not available via the REPS or PRO portal, fill out the appropriate application form and send it to:

Over-the-Counter Permits Online (Redmond E-Permitting System - REPS)

Over-the-Counter (OTC) permits are permits that do not require plan review. The term does not imply that they need to be submitted in person. Submit an OTC permit using the REPS Portal.

If the OTC permit type you need is not available through the REPS online portal, fill out an application form and email it to: 

Plan Reviewed Permits Online (Plan Review Online - PRO)

Submit a request for a reviewed permit using the PRO Portal.

Use the dropdown menus to select the type of permit you want.  Within 48 hours you will receive an email with a permit number and detailed instructions about how to submit your permit documentation.

Tree Removal and Land Use Permits are applied for through the PRO portal. For details, contact:

  1. Submit a tree removal application online

    Step 1: Request a Plan Review Online (PRO) Permit

    • For "Type of Project" select: Land Use Application
    • For "Type of Land Use Application" select: Tree Removal

    Step 2: Fill Out a Tree Removal Application

    Step 3: Wait for emailed instructions on how to upload your application


The Development Services Center (DSC) is open Monday - Thursday, 10am to 3pm

In person questions and submittals are handled on a first-come first-served basis. Check in at the Redmond City Hall Customer Service Center on the 1st floor, then come up to the DSC on the 2nd floor.

OTC Permit Submittal: If your application is deemed complete and you have an acceptable form of payment, we will issue the permit at the counter.

Reviewed Permit Submittal: All submittal documents must be on a USB drive and in PDF format. All the files listed as required in the submittal checklist on the application form must be provided. If your permit submittal is considered complete at the counter, you can pay the intake fees and the permit will be put into review. Payment can be accepted at the counter, or you can pay online.


  • Online: pay online with a credit or debit card (Visa, MasterCard and Discover only).
  • In Person: pay at the DSC counter with a credit or debit card that is present (Visa, MasterCard and Discover only), a check or cash.


You may schedule an appointment for service at a particular time. Documents you wish to submit for plan review must be brought in on a flash drive and all files must be in PDF format. 

For plan reviewed permits: if the submittal is considered complete, you may pay the plan review fee at the counter using a credit card that must be present (Visa, MasterCard, Discover), a check or cash. Alternatively, you may pay fees online.

Appointments are scheduled online: Book an Appointment


Right-of-Way Use Permits: A permit (and a bond under certain circumstances) is required for any activity that disrupts traffic, restricts access or modifies any infrastructure within the right-of-way, or for any private use of the public right-of-way including streets, on-street parking, and sidewalks. For details, contact:

For details about the following permit types, contact: 

· Utility Permits: Side sewer, water meter or hydrant use permits.

· Coordinated Civil Review: Civil engineering review of proposed subdivision, site plan entitlement, etc. 

· Clear and Rough Grade Permit: Clear or rough grade property associated with a development project.