New Services & Changes

Start Utility Service

Stop Utility Service

  • To close an existing utility account, submit a Request for Final Bill Form.
  • If you will be moving to another residence in Redmond, please call the Utility Billing office at 425-556-2152 to set up your new account, or complete the Request for New Service form.

Estimated Final Bill Requests for Escrow Companies

The City of Redmond utilizes Webcheck to fulfill online final bill estimate requests. There is a $25 charge for estimates processed through Webcheck.

There is a $30 charge for estimates manually processed by the City. Contact Utility Billing at 425-556-2152.

Change Account Information

This form is for changing a name, mailing address and/or phone number on an existing account only. Make sure to include all of your current account information as well as the information that you are changing. Please do not use this form for new ownership/tenant information.

Change the Billing Address for Stormwater Only - Commercial Account

To change the billing address for Stormwater only accounts on commercial properties, please complete the Stormwater Billing Request form (PDF).

This form must be signed by the owner of the property and returned to Utility Billing by mail or fax. Please note that stormwater bills will not be sent to tenants.