Bidding & Contracting

Redmond is a code City operating under Revised Code of Washington (RCW) 35A, the Optional Municipal Code. There are no statutory bidding requirements for the City when purchasing supplies, materials, equipment or services not connected with a public work or improvement project. The Purchasing Division of the Finance Department sets bidding and purchasing policies and procedures for the City of Redmond and facilitates the procurement of goods and services. The Division also provides contracting oversight, supplier maintenance, and surplus coordination.

Bidding and Contracting Opportunities

Suppliers interested in doing business with the City are encouraged to contact the Purchasing Division before contacting other City departments. Purchases above $10,000 will generally require some type of comparative pricing. When comparative pricing is sought, solicitations may be posted on the City’s website and/or requested via targeted outreach. Public works projects may also be advertised in the Daily Journal of Commerce, the Seattle Times, or the City’s official newspaper.

Interested in doing business with the City of Redmond?

  • Register your business with MRSC Rosters. The City uses MRSC Rosters to notify contractors and consultants of upcoming bidding and contracting opportunities. MRSC Rosters provides the City’s official Small Works Roster, Architectural and Engineering (A&E) Roster, and Vendor Roster.
  • Check the City’s website for open IFBs (Invitations for Bids), RFPs (Requests for Proposals), and RFQs (Requests for Qualifications). Vendors may receive electronic notifications of solicitations by signing up on the City’s website.
  • Contact the Purchasing Division to request additional information on any upcoming opportunities.

MRSC Rosters

MRSC Rosters is a statewide-resource for vendors interested in government bidding opportunities. The City is among over 600 public agencies in Washington State registered with MRSC Rosters, to contact registered businesses for small public works projects, consulting opportunities, and contracting for goods and services. Businesses are encouraged to register with MRSC Rosters and select City of Redmond, King County, or Washington State, within the vendor registration.

Interlocal Purchasing Agreements

Washington public agencies may enter into interlocal cooperative purchasing agreements with other governmental agencies and political subdivisions such as counties, cities, and school districts. Made possible through RCW 39.34, the City may "piggyback" on selected State and local government contracts as well as use various public purchasing consortiums that satisfy the City's internal requirements for securing competitive pricing on selected purchases of material, equipment, supplies, and services. A listing of current agreements can be found here: Interlocal Purchasing Agreements.