Data Downloads

The City of Redmond is making its frequently requested Geographic Information System (GIS) data available for download. Please note that this data is offered as a general reference only. To make a data inquiry please complete a request form.

File Format

The GIS data is provided in shapefile format and compressed into a ZIP file for easy downloading. Corresponding standard FGDC metadata is provided in HTML format. To view the shapefiles you will need:

Last updated 12/8/2023

Layer Name Description Download File
Address Point Site Address Address Point (ZIP)
Building Building Footprint Building (ZIP)
Centerline Street centerline network Street Centerline (ZIP)
City Limits City boundaries City Limit (ZIP)
Contours 2004 2 foot topographic contour data Contour 2004 (ZIP)
Contours 2012 2 foot topographic contour data Contour 2012 (ZIP)
Neighborhoods Neighborhood boundaries Neighborhoods (ZIP)
Pavement Edge Edge of pavement represents edges of paved roads and parking lots. Pavement Edge (ZIP)
Parcels Parcel boundaries Parcels (ZIP)
Parks Land designated as parks or open space, owned and operated by the City of Redmond. Parks (ZIP)
Stormwater Stormwater System includes the basic components of the City of Redmond's Stormwater utility infrastructure. Stormwater System (ZIP)
Streams/Rivers/Ponds Surface water features including streams, rivers, ponds, and lakes. Streams/Rivers/Ponds (ZIP)
Trails Recreational trails maintained by the City of Redmond. Trails (ZIP)
Wastewater System Wastewater System includes the basic components of the City of Redmond's Wastewater utility infrastructure. Wastewater System (ZIP)
Water System Water System includes the basic components of the City of Redmond's Water utility infrastructure. Water System (ZIP)
Zoning Zoning boundaries Zoning (ZIP)


To determine which tile you need, reference the orthophoto index PDFs. A high-speed internet connection is suggested to download as the file size is large (up to 1.4 GB each).

About the Orthophotography tiles

This data set provides 2019 color orthophotos, which is a product of the project “King County 2019 Regional Aerial Mapping” initiated by King County.

  • File type: Mr. SID format
  • Image type: Natural color
  • Last flown: April/May 2019
  • Resolution: .25 feet