Interactive Maps

The City of Redmond provides access to GIS map information via the Internet through its interactive mapping tools. You can view a variety of geographic and related tabular information for various locations throughout the City.  

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Property Viewer

Information about land parcels.

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Redmond's Project Viewer

Information about capital improvement projects, land use actions, and permitting.

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Redmond Traffic

Information about current and upcoming traffic impacts and links to city and regional traffic cameras.

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Crime Viewer

Information about Police calls in the last year updated every 24 hours.

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Vertical Control Survey Network

Information about vertical control bench marks.

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Utility Viewer

Information about water, wastewater and storm utilities. Staff can also report data errors.

Internal Use Only

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Address Viewer

Information about addresses. Staff can also submit a request, to add an address, change an address or report a data error.

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Drawing Library Viewer

Discover record drawings within an area on a map or search by record drawing number, project name, parcel number and address. Also, explore scanned drawings and download. 


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The City monitors the growth and retraction of the tree canopy every two years using LiDAR data.

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The City monitors and maintains an inventory for the nearly 8,000 tree site locations within the City


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Redmond 2050 DEIS - Help Plan the Future of Redmond

Learn about three growth alternatives for how we can accommodate the growth anticipated for our community between now and 2050. 

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Climate Vulnerability Index (CVI)

Learn about the City of Redmond's efforts to understand vulnerability to extreme heat and precipitation events driven by climate change. 

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Economic Development

Redmond is home to many businesses, from small start ups to corporate headquarters. Learn why you should bring your business to Redmond.

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Overlake Urban Center

Learn about Overlake including its location, employment, history and major developments.

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Downtown Parking Management Strategic Plan

Learn about the results of a parking usage study that help us better understand the parking dynamics in Downtown.