Mackey Creek Rehabilitation

A small stream in a wooded areaProject Overview

Mackey Creek is a spring-fed, perennial creek that is about 2.65 miles long. It passes east to west through the middle of Farrel-McWhirter Park, joining Bear Creek a half mile to the east. Multiple issues related to the health of the stream were identified, including barriers to fish migration, bank erosion from high stream flows, deposits of sediment causing the creek to flow out of its channel, the growth of invasive plants that have exacerbated flooding, and lack of in-stream woody debris.

Project Work

The project work, which restored and enhanced Mackey Creek within Farrel-McWhirter Park, was funded in part by King Conservation District (KCD). Work included:

  • Stabilizing stream channel and improving stream habitat
  • Removing fish barriers
  • Reducing flooding and sediment problems
  • Controlling invasive plants, and planting native plants

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