The Redmond Pool 

The Redmond Pool Is  Closed For Improvements

After 48 years, the pool systems have outlived their useful life, and improvements to the pool are necessary and critical to the future use of the pool as a community space. The pool improvement project started in June 2019, with repairs and improvements occurring in two phases over two years. The improvements to the Redmond Pool are necessary and critical to the future of the pool as a community space. Community feedback initiated this process and the feedback obtained during the public outreach for this project continues to inform the direction. We look forward to reopening the pool and offering yet another space for the community to gather, learn and exercise

Current Status As of 8.15.2020

Phase I improvements are complete- and Phase II is underway! The improvements in Phase 1 include new mechanical systems, air handling units, boiler systems, electrical, roof and windows, and improved circulation. Crews also repaired the concrete substructure of the pool, which was discovered to be compromised in October 2019. The pool remained closed during Phase 1 to complete this work. 

On May 18, 2020 City Council approved the award of bid to Klinge and Associates and approved the supplemental agreement with ARC for additional design and construction support to begin Phase II improvements. Phase II improvements will include new pool decking, lobby and locker room upgrades, and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) improvements. 

The Redmond Pool will remain closed for the duration of Phase 2, and the project is planned to be complete in fall 2020. 

The City is working with Wave Aquatics, our operational partner, on a reopening date. Stay tuned for more details on an official reopening date.

Pool systems repairs and improvements will occur in two phases over two years.

  • Phase 1

    Phase I repairs and improvements started on June 24, 2019 and include:

    Phase 1 Improvements Include:
    - New mechanical systems
    - New air handling units
    - New boiler systems
    - Improved circulation
    - New electrical, roof and windows

  • Phase 2

    Phase 2 work is scheduled to begin July 2020 and include:

    Planned improvements for Phase 2 include the following:
    - Improved ADA access
    - Locker room and lobby enhancements
    - New pool decking
    - Plumbing upgrades

For open swim, lessons and classes at the Redmond Pool

The City of Redmond contracts with WAVE Aquatics for programming at the Redmond Pool. WAVE Aquatics staff are working to secure alternative locations. Please visit the WAVE Aquatics website for information specific to open swim, lessons or aquatics services during the improvements.

Redmond Pool