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Please know that some of the data may be outdated for some of the projects listed below. For the most up-to-date information, contact the Planner on Call,, 425-556-2494.

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Project NameTypeStatusNeighborhoodAddress
80th and 164thPrivate
Under Review
8009 164th Ave NE
AMLI Redmond Way
Under Review
16771 Redmond Way
Archer HotelPrivateCompletedDowntown7200 164th Ave NE
Building XPrivateUnder ReviewWillows / Rose Hill10301 Willows Road NE
Building Z
PrivateUnder ReviewWillows / Rose Hill
10201 Willows Road NE
Camden RowPrivateUnder ReviewDowntown8117 166th Ave NE
Catlin Short PlatPrivateUnder ReviewOverlake5928 155th Ave NE
Chuang Short PlatPrivateUnder ReviewOverlake16211 NE 51st Street
Coulon Short Plat
Under Review
Willows / Rose Hill
9322 132nd Ave NE
Croquet Club CottagesPrivateUnder ReviewWillows / Rose Hill10229 136th Ave NE
DigiPen Building BPrivateUnder ReviewWillows / Rose Hill9825 Willows Rd NE
Energize Eastside
Under ReviewWillows / Rose Hill
Existing PSE Powerline Easement
Esterra Park Block 2A/2BPrivateConstructionOverlake15300 Turing Street
Esterra Park Block 3PrivateConstructionOverlake15550Turing Street
Esterra Park Block 8 - Avalon Bay ApartmentsPrivateConstructionOverlakeSE corner of NE Turing Street and Calder Avenue NE
Esterra Park Blocks 5, 6A, 9 - Lincoln PropertiesPrivateConstructionOverlakeAlong Tagore Avenue NE and at SW corner of 156th Avenue NE and NE Turing Street
Esterra Park Pavilion
PrivateUnder ReviewOverlake
2808 Calder Ave NE
Facebook X Genesis ConnectionPrivate
Under ReviewWillows / Rose Hill
10301 Willows Road NE
HarmonyPrivateUnder ReviewDowntown8550 164th Ave NE
Keller Eastside Industrial Office and Storage
Under Review
SE Redmond
18400 NE 76th Street
Keller Farm Wetland Mitigation BankPrivateUnder ReviewBear Creek8810 Avondale Road NE
LMC MarymoorPrivateUnder ReviewSE Redmond17611 NE 70th Street
LMC South ParkPrivateUnder ReviewSE Redmond17345 NE 67th Street
Lot 11 Development Agreement
Under Review
7540 Leary Way
McDonald's Remodel PrivateUnder ReviewDowntown16975 Redmond Way
Microsoft Building 40-41 Tree ReplacementPrivateCompleted
Overlake15563 NE 31st Street
Microsoft Redmond Campus RefreshPrivateUnder ReviewOverlake 
Microsoft Vehicle Transport Yard ExpansionPrivateUnder ReviewSE RedmondSW corner of 188th Ave NE & NE 76th Street
Modera Bel-Red
Under Review
12260 152nd Ave NE
Modera OverlakePrivateUnder ReviewOverlake15260 Bel-Red Rd
Modera River TrailPrivateConstruction
Downtown15801 NE 85th Street
Under Review
8440 160th Ave NE
Nelson Legacy GroupPrivateUnder ReviewDowntown8005 & 8075 161st Ave
Overlake East Master Plan – MP XII
Under Review
15230 NE 24th Street
Overlake Mixed Use
PrivateUnder ReviewOverlake

Park at Esterra Park DevelopmentPrivateDesignOverlakeCenter of Esterra Park development, with hill climb elements extending to 152nd Avenue NE and 156th Avenue NE
Perch Short PlatPrivateUnder ReviewEducation Hill
17311 NE 112th Street
Pixel ApartmentsPrivateUnder ReviewOverlake15424 Bel-Red Road
Proctor WillowsPrivateConstruction
Willows / Rose HillNE 124th Street and Willows Road NE
Redmond City CenterPrivateUnder ReviewDowntown16135 NE 85th Street
Redmond FlexPrivateUnder ReviewSE Redmond
6900 188th Ave NE
Redmond Middle School AdditionPrivate
Under Review
Education Hill
10055 166th Ave NE
Redmond SquarePrivateUnder ReviewDowntown16505 NE Redmond Way
Redmond Sunrise ApartmentsPrivateUnder ReviewDowntown8460 164th Ave NE
Stream Overlake
Under Review
15075 NE 24th Street
The VillagePrivateCompletedDowntownBetween 165th and 166th, north of NE 83rd