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  1. Project NameTypeStatusNeighborhoodAddress
    80th and 164thPrivate
    Under Review
    8009 164th Ave NE
    152nd Avenue NE Main StreetCity ProjectConstruction
    Overlake152nd Avenue NE between NE 20th Street & future Overlake Village Light Rail Station
    156th Cycle TrackCity ProjectDesignOverlake156th Avenue NE from NE 28th St to NE 31st St and from NE 36th St to NE 40th St
    162nd Pl NE Stormwater Repair
    City Project
    North Redmond
    162nd Pl NE south of NE 124th St
    165th Avenue Townhomes
    PrivateUnder ReviewDowntown
    8042 165th Ave NE
    173rd Ct NE Stormwater Pipe Replacement
    City Project
    173rd Ave NE cul-de-sac (3000 block)
    183rd Ave NE Waterline Extension
    City Project
    183rd Ave NE near NE 20th St
    10000 Block of Avondale ErosionCity ProjectDesignOutside City Limits10000 block of Avondale Road (east side)
    2022 ADA Curb Ramps
    City Project
    CompletedEducation Hill
    166th Ave NE from NE 105th St to NE 111th St
    2022 Slurry Seal Project
    City Project
    PilotEducation Hill
    180th Ct NE and NE 105th Way
    9204 Short Plat
    Under Review
    Willows / Rose Hill
    9204 132nd Ave NE
    Acapriccio Short PlatPrivateUnder ReviewGrass Lawn13202 NE 70th Street
    Affordable Housing Amendments 2023
    City ProjectUnder Review
    Alexan MarymoorPrivateConstructionSE Redmond6081 East Lake Sammamish Parkway
    All Wood RecyclingPrivateUnder ReviewSE Redmond8504 192nd Ave NE
    Amendment to Redmond Zoning per HB-1220
    City ProjectUnder Review
    AMLI Redmond Way
    Under Review
    16771 Redmond Way
    Anderson Park HotelPrivateConstructionDowntownRedmond Way and 166th AVE NE
    Archer HotelPrivateCompletedDowntown7200 164th Ave NE
    Avalon Redmond CampusPrivateUnder ReviewOverlakeNE 40th St. & 156th Ave NE
    Avondale Road Bank Erosion
    Under Review
    Bear Creek
    8SW ¼ Section 31, Township 26N, Range 06E
    Avondale Road Pavement Management
    City Project
    Bear Creek
    Avondale Road from north of Union Hill Road to NE 90th St
    Avondale Villas
    Under Review
    Education Hill
    10631 Avondale Road NE
    Bayta Short Plat
    PrivateUnder Review
    Willows / Rose Hill
    10419 134th Ave NE
    Bear Creek Design District 1City ProjectUnder ReviewBear Creek 
    Bear Creek Mixed UsePrivateConstructionDowntown15814 Bear Creek Parkway
    Belcaro SubdivisionPrivate
    Under Review
    Willows / Rose Hill
    10426 134th Ave NE
    Bridle Lodges Short PlatPrivateConstructionGrass Lawn7014 132nd Ave NE
    Brown Bear Car Wash
    Under ReviewSE Redmond
    17809 Redmond Way
    Building XPrivateUnder ReviewWillows / Rose Hill10301 Willows Road NE
    Building Z
    PrivateUnder ReviewWillows / Rose Hill
    10201 Willows Road NE
    Burhani Short Plat
    PrivateUnder ReviewEducation Hill
    15252 NE 51st Street
    Camden RowPrivateUnder ReviewDowntown8117 166th Ave NE
    Catlin Short PlatPrivateUnder ReviewOverlake5928 155th Ave NE
    Cascadia Montessori ExpansionPrivateUnder ReviewOverlake4239 162nd Ave NE
    Chuang Short PlatPrivateUnder ReviewOverlake16211 NE 51st Street
    Comprehensive Plan Amendments (Main Page)City ProjectUnder ReviewMultiple
    Coulon Short Plat
    Under Review
    Willows / Rose Hill
    9322 132nd Ave NE
    Croquet Club CottagesPrivateUnder ReviewWillows / Rose Hill10229 136th Ave NE
    DigiPen Building BPrivateUnder ReviewWillows / Rose Hill9825 Willows Rd NE
    Drivers Club and Metro ClubPrivateCompletedSE Redmond7242 185th Ave NE
    Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
    City ProjectDesignMultipleCity Hall Parking Garage and Maintenance and Operations Center
    Emerald Heights Administrative ModificationPrivateUnder ReviewEducation Hill10901 176th Circle NE
    Emerald Heights Courtyard BuildingPrivateUnder ReviewEducation Hill10901 176th Circle NE
    Energize Eastside
    Under ReviewWillows / Rose Hill
    Existing PSE Powerline Easement
    Esterra Park Block 2A/2BPrivateConstructionOverlake15300 Turing Street
    Esterra Park Block 3PrivateConstructionOverlake15550Turing Street
    Esterra Park Block 8 - Avalon Bay ApartmentsPrivateConstructionOverlakeSE corner of NE Turing Street and Calder Avenue NE
    Esterra Park Blocks 5, 6A, 9 - Lincoln PropertiesPrivateConstructionOverlakeAlong Tagore Avenue NE and at SW corner of 156th Avenue NE and NE Turing Street
    Esterra Park Pavilion
    PrivateUnder ReviewOverlake
    2808 Calder Ave NE
    Evans Creek RelocationCity ProjectDesignBear CreekEvans Creek, north of NE Union Hill Road
    Facebook X Genesis ConnectionPrivate
    Under ReviewWillows / Rose Hill
    10301 Willows Road NE
    Fire Station 16 & Shop Seismic UpgradesCity ProjectConstruction
    SE Redmond6502 185 Ave NE
    Willows / Rose Hill10042 136th Ave NE
    Grass Lawn Park North Short PlatPrivateUnder ReviewGrass Lawn7353 148th Ave NE
    Grassview Short PlatPrivateUnder ReviewBear Creek8632 Avondale Road NE
    Gudev Short PlatPrivateUnder ReviewGrass Lawn13822 NE 80th Street
    Hale PropertyPrivateCompletedWillows / Rose Hill10412 134th Ave NE
    HarmonyPrivateUnder ReviewDowntown8550 164th Ave NE
    Hawthorne Short PlatPrivateUnder ReviewNorth Redmond11546 172nd Ave
    Holmgren Short PlatPrivateUnder ReviewOverlake16130 NE 51st Street
    Honeywell Clean RoomPrivateCompletedOverlake15015 NE 36th Street
    Huxley Short Plat
    PrivateUnder Review
    Willows / Rose Hill
    10436 132nd Ave NE
    Johnson Short PlatPrivateUnder ReviewIdylwood3034 180th Ave NE
    Juttas Garden
    Under Review
    Grass Lawn
    7306 151st Ave NE
    Kalapas Short PlatPrivateUnder ReviewSE Redmond5441 187th Ave NE
    Keller Eastside Industrial Office and Storage
    Under Review
    SE Redmond
    18400 NE 76th Street
    Keller Farm Wetland Mitigation BankPrivateUnder ReviewBear Creek8810 Avondale Road NE
    Kinsale Short Plat
    PrivateUnder ReviewWillows / Rose Hill
    132nd Ave NE and NE 112th Pl
    Lake Hills and NW Lake Sammamish Sewer UpgradeCity ProjectUnder ReviewMultiple
    Larkin PropertyPrivateConstructionWillows / Rose Hill10201 134th Ave NE
    Lay Short PlatPrivateUnder ReviewWillows / Rose Hill
    10027 134th Ave
    LMC MarymoorPrivateUnder ReviewSE Redmond17611 NE 70th Street
    LMC South ParkPrivateUnder ReviewSE Redmond17345 NE 67th Street
    Lot 11 Development Agreement
    Under Review
    7540 Leary Way
    Lux Short PlatPrivateUnder ReviewGrass Lawn13218 NE 70th Street
    McDonald's Remodel PrivateUnder ReviewDowntown16975 Redmond Way
    Medina 83PrivateUnder Review
    Grasslawn13646 NE 83rd Street
    Microsoft Building 40-41 Tree ReplacementPrivateCompleted
    Overlake15563 NE 31st Street
    Microsoft Redmond Campus RefreshPrivateUnder ReviewOverlake 
    Microsoft Vehicle Transport Yard ExpansionPrivateUnder ReviewSE RedmondSW corner of 188th Ave NE & NE 76th Street
    MOC Plumbing & ADA Improvements
    City ProjectConstructionSE Redmond
    18080 NE 76th St
    ModeraPrivateConstructionDowntown8709 161st Avenue
    Modera Bel-Red
    Under Review
    12260 152nd Ave NE
    Modera OverlakePrivateUnder ReviewOverlake15260 Bel-Red Rd
    Modera River TrailPrivateConstruction
    Downtown15801 NE 85th Street
    Under Review
    8440 160th Ave NE
    NE 40th Street Shared Use PathCity ProjectConstructionOverlakeSouth side of NE 40th St, between 156th Ave NE and 163rd Ave NE
    NE 40th Street Stormwater Treatment RetrofitCity ProjectConstructionOverlakeSW corner of NE 40th St and 156th Ave NE
    NE 70th St Improvements (Redmond Way to 180th Ave NE)
    City Project
    DesignSE Redmond
    NE 70th from Redmond Way to 180th Ave NE
    NE 90th Street Pavement MaintenanceCity ProjectConstruction
    MultipleNE 90th Street from Willows Rd to Red-Wood Rd (SR202)
    NE 90th Street Stormwater Pond Retrofit
    City ProjectDesign

    NE 90th St at the Sammamish River
    Nelson Legacy GroupPrivateUnder ReviewDowntown8005 & 8075 161st Ave
    Norton Project
    PrivateUnder ReviewWillows / Rose Hill
    13241 NE 109th Place
    Orchard Hill
    PrivateUnder ReviewEducation Hill
    9859 Redmond Woodinville Road
    Osborne Short PlatPrivateUnder ReviewGrass Lawn7520 151st Ave NE
    The OspreyPrivateUnder ReviewDowntown7440 159th Pl NE
    Overlake Central Infiltration VaultCity ProjectDesignOverlakeMost likely on the block bounded by Da Vinci (151st), 152nd, Hopper (26th) and Turing (27th)
    Overlake Access RampPublicConstructionOverlakeEastbound off-ramp from 520 connecting to 152nd Avenue NE
    Overlake East Master Plan – MP XII
    Under Review
    15230 NE 24th Street
    Overlake Village Station Infiltration VaultPrivateCompletedOverlakeUnderneath street in front of the Overlake Village light rail station
    Park at Esterra Park DevelopmentPrivateDesignOverlakeCenter of Esterra Park development, with hill climb elements extending to 152nd Avenue NE and 156th Avenue NE
    Penny Lane TownhomesPrivateCompletedDowntown7952 170th Avenue NE
    Penny Lane IIPrivateUnder ReviewDowntown7960, 7970, 7980 170th Ave NE
    Penny Lane IIIPrivateUnder ReviewDowntown7990 170th Ave NE
    Pinnacle at Bridle TrailsPrivateUnder ReviewGrass Lawn13218 & 13202 NE 70th Street
    Pixel ApartmentsPrivateUnder ReviewOverlake15424 Bel-Red Road
    Porch and ParkPrivateUnder ReviewDowntown16001 and 16005 Redmond Way
    Prescott LanePrivateUnder ReviewNorth Redmond16828 NE 122nd Street
    Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) Station ReplacementCity ProjectConstruction
    Proctor WillowsPrivateConstruction
    Willows / Rose HillNE 124th Street and Willows Road NE
    PSE Sammamish Juanita Transmission LinePrivateUnder ReviewSammamish Valley9221 Willows Road
    PSR Short Plat
    Under Review
    5109 154th Ave NE
    Rainsong LLCPrivateUnder ReviewEducation Hill9002 Red-Wood Road NE
    RavelloPrivateConstructionDowntownNE 80th and 162nd Avenue NE
    Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons
    City ProjectDesignMultipleNE 116th St & 159th Ave NE
    Red Door Short Plat
    PrivateUnder ReviewWillows / Rose Hill
    134xx NE 100th Place
    Redmond 13PrivateConstruction
    North RedmondNE corner of 172nd Ave NE & NE 112 Way
    Redmond 87
    Under Review
    16101 NE 87th Street
    Redmond 9 Short PlatPrivateUnder ReviewWillows / Rose Hill13441 NE 100th Street
    Redmond Central Connector Phase 3
    City Project
    Willows / Rose Hill
    9900 block on Willows Road to NE 124th
    Redmond City CenterPrivateUnder ReviewDowntown16135 NE 85th Street
    Redmond FlexPrivateUnder ReviewSE Redmond
    6900 188th Ave NE
    Redmond Middle School AdditionPrivate
    Under Review
    Education Hill
    10055 166th Ave NE
    Redmond Senior and Community CenterCity ProjectConstructionDowntown8703 160th Ave NE
    Redmond SquarePrivateUnder ReviewDowntown16505 NE Redmond Way
    Redmond Sunrise ApartmentsPrivateUnder ReviewDowntown8460 164th Ave NE
    Redmond Switch Room ExpansionPrivateUnder ReviewWillows/Rose Hill
    12208 134th Ct NE
    Redmond Technology Station Pedestrian BridgePrivateConstructionOverlakeCrossing SR 520 and 156th Ave NE, south of NE 40th St
    Redmond Town CenterPrivate
    Under Review
    7330 164th Ave NE E100
    Redmond Town Center ApartmentsPrivateConstructionDowntown7405 168th Avenue NE
    Redmond Way/East Lake Sammamish Parkway Intersection ImprovementsCity ProjectConstruction
    SE RedmondRedmond Way/E Lk Sammamish Pkwy
    Redmond Way FlatsPrivateConstructionDowntown16760 Redmond Way
    Redwest South Temporary BallfieldsPrivateConstruction
    Overlake14848 NE 51st Street
    Retail Marijuana Zoning (Main Page)City ProjectUnder ReviewMultiple 
    Rose Hill CottagesPrivateUnder ReviewWillows / Rose Hill13xxx NE 112th Place
    Rose Hill Middle School Portable InstallationPrivateUnder ReviewGrass Lawn13505 NE 75th Street
    Rose Hill WestPrivateUnder ReviewWillows / Rose Hill9717 138th Ave NE
    Rosewood Court Preliminary PlatPrivateUnder ReviewWillows / Rose Hill10612-10428 134th Ave NE
    Salish WoodsPrivateConstructionBear Creek18610 NE 95th Street
    SEA111 Wildstar
    Under Review
    Willows / Rose Hill
    9805 Willows Road NE
    SeritagePrivateUnder ReviewOverlake2200 148th Avenue NE
    SFT RedmondPrivateUnder ReviewDowntown
    8412 164th Ave NE
    Si Five HomesPrivateConstruction
    Education Hill8921 166th Ave NE
    Sound Transit E360 Bellevue to RedmondPublicUnder ReviewOverlake3925 156th Ave NE
    Sound Transit E 360 Binding Site Plan
    Under ReviewOverlake
    2989 Da Vinci Ave NE
    Sound Transit E360 Overlake Village StationPublicUnder ReviewOverlake2989 152nd Ave NE
    Sound Transit Downtown Redmond Link Extension (DRLE)PublicUnder ReviewMultiple 
    Sound Transit DRLE AGHAPublicUnder ReviewOverlakeMultiple
    Sound Transit Light Rail Extension (Main Page)PublicConstructionMultiple 
    St. George Coptic Church DaycarePrivateUnder ReviewWillows / Rose Hill13216 NE 100th Street
    Station House LoftsPrivateCompletedDowntown16533 NE 80th Street
    Taltree Short Plat
    PrivateUnder ReviewGrass Lawn
    7306 132nd Ave NE
    Taylor Development Agreement 3PrivateCompletedSE Redmond188th Ave NE
    TBN Parking Lot Improvements
    Under Review
    SE Redmond
    18460 NE 76th Street
    The CovePrivateUnder ReviewSE Redmond
    18636 NE 53rd Street
    The SparkPrivateUnder ReviewSE Redmond17525 NE 67th Court
    The StelvioPrivateUnder ReviewDowntown
    15815 Bear Creek Parkway
    The VillagePrivateCompletedDowntownBetween 165th and 166th, north of NE 83rd
    T-Mobile SE02377A Wireless Communication Facility
    PrivateUnder ReviewIdylwood
    16852 NE 40th Street
    Together CenterPrivateUnder ReviewDowntown16225 NE 87th Street
    Triton Shiva Short PlatPrivateUnder ReviewOverlake15405 NE 59th Way
    UPS Facility ExpansionPrivateUnder ReviewSE Redmond18001 Union Hill Rd
    Veera Short PlatPrivateUnder ReviewIdylwood4021 172nd Ave NE
    Vision FivePrivateUnder ReviewDowntown8525 163rd Ct. NE
    Vowles Short PlatPrivateUnder ReviewWillows/Rose Hill11200 132nd Ave NE
    VRSA Short PlatPrivateUnder ReviewOverlake6002 156th Ave NE
    Wastewater Lift Station 12 ReplacementCity ProjectConstructionSE RedmondOff of NE 65th St in the Oak Ridge Park business park
    Wastewater Lift Station 13 ReplacementCity ProjectConstructionSE Redmond176th Ave NE, near Lake Washington Institute of Technology
    Wastewater Lift Station Equipment Upgrades
    City ProjectConstruction
    MultipleSee map
    Welcome Park Short PlatPrivateUnder ReviewWillows / Rose Hill8107 142nd Ave
    WildstarPrivateUnder ReviewWillows/Rose Hill9805 Willows Road NE
    Willows 90 Business ParkPrivateUnder ReviewSammamish Valley8708 Willows Road NE
    Willows Road Culvert ReplacementCity ProjectCompletedWillows / Rose HillNE 90th Street
    WoodsidePrivateUnder ReviewSE Redmond7041 196th Ave NE