Garbage & Recycling

The City of Redmond’s Solid Waste and Recycling program promotes waste reduction and recycling throughout the City. We work collaboratively with King County, the State of Washington, and other organizations to provide outreach and education programs to expand recycling, promote composting of organics, reduce waste, and eliminate toxins.

Solid Waste staff administers the City’s contract with Waste Management for the collection of garbage, recycling, yard debris, and food scraps.

Find out how and where to dispose of your waste properly by using the helpful What Goes Where Tool.

The City of Redmond offers free assistance and dedicated staff to help:

  • Improve recycling at your business or residence
  • Start compost collection
  • Assess the specific needs of your site
  • Troubleshoot waste collection issues
  • Provide posters and flyers
  • Offer resident education
  • Supply indoor recycling and compost containers for businesses and recycling bags and kitchen compost containers (limited supply) for residents
  1. Recycle
  2. Compost
  3. Hazardous Waste

Call Waste Management at 1-800-592-9995 to set up, change service or for more information on what you can recycle or visit the Waste Management website.

Recycling is available in Redmond at no additional cost!  

Want help recycling? The City offers free assistance with:

  • Setting up service
  • Improving recycling
  • Flyers and posters
  • Resident/staff education
  • FREE recycling bags and indoor collection containers (supply is limited) 

Businesses and Apartments/Condos

Your Waste Management garbage service includes free recycling up to twice the size of your garbage container (you may also arrange with other recycling service providers for collection). 

Take the Refresh Your Recycling Pledge and join other Redmond businesses in recycling more and reducing waste. Thanks to all the Redmond Businesses (PDF) that have taken the Recycling Pledge!

Want to be certified as a Green Business? Envirostars offers comprehensive Green Business certification and regional recognition, visit the Envirostars website for more information.

Business Refresh Your Recycling Pledge

Residential ONLY

 Free recycling next to your cart!

  • Extra recyclables - Place in a bin or cardboard box
  • Motor oil – Place in a transparent, 1-gallon jug with name and address (limit 2 gallons per week) 
  • Clothing and linens - Place in a secure plastic bag labeled “textiles” 
  • Electronics (TVs, monitors, and computers) Call Waste Management to schedule a free pick-up

*Individual residential accounts ONLY