Microsoft Redmond Campus Refresh


Redmond has been the home of the Microsoft Corporate Campus for the last 33 years and Microsoft continues to invest in our community as they build for the future. The Refresh project that is currently underway replaces 12 older office buildings with approximately 3 million square feet of office space within 17 new buildings. These new office buildings are designed and clustered into five distinctive villages. The design of the campus is both pedestrian and bicycle friendly and includes retail shops, restaurants, running and walking trails, sports facilities and open spaces. There will be no internal roads within the new campus as all traffic is routed to the perimeter roads and then to the underground garage. Construction of the garage is underway.

Project Timeline


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Project Overview

The project is an investment for the community and the more than 47,000 employees that work on the campus. With a 2-acre open plaza, the modern campus provides the employees and the greater community a space to both gather and work. Scheduled to complete in 2023, some of the highlights of the campus modernization include: 

  • 17 new four to five story buildings, grouped into 5 villages.
  • Public amenities including: retail shops, restaurants, running and walking trails, sports facilities and green spaces. 
  • A pedestrian and bicycle friendly campus. Traffic is routed along the perimeter roads to the underground parking. 
  • Pedestrian and bicycle bridge over State Route 520 that will connect to the Sound Transit's Redmond Technology Center light rail station. For more information on the Sound Transit project see Light Rail Extension Project
  • Implementation of sustainable design strategies to embody the ecology of the region. 

Video showing the concept of the future campus.