Fire Codes and Standards

2015 International Fire Code (IFC)
National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes and standards
Washington Administrative Code (WAC) 51-54A - State of Washington IFC adoption, amendments
Redmond Municipal Code (RMC) Section 15.06  - City of Redmond IFC adoption, amendments (PDF)
Redmond Zoning Code Appendix 2 - Design Standards for Streets (PDF)

City of Redmond Fire Department - Tip Sheets

City of Redmond Fire Department Standards

1.00: Title, Authority, and Applicability (PDF)
2.00: Access & Addressing (PDF)
     Addressing/Unit Number Scenarios (PDF)
3.00: Fire Flow (PDF)
4.00: Standpipes (PDF)
     Standpipe Flow Test Guidelines
5.00: Sprinkler Systems (PDF)
     When Residential Sprinklers are Required (PDF)
     Sprinkler Head Change Out Permit Procedures (PDF)
     Quick Response Heads in Light Hazard Occupancies (PDF)
6.00: Hood & Duct Systems (PDF)
9.00: Automatic Fire Alarm Systems (PDF)
    Central Station Service Alternative (PDF)
    DACT Interpretation (PDF)
    Sleeping Area Interpretation (PDF)
10.00: Flammable or Combustible Liquids (PDF)
12.00: Fire Extinguishers
14.00: Fire Watch (PDF)
15.00: Preventable Alarm Ordinance (PDF)
16.00: Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing Systems (PDF)
18.00: Emergency Responder Radio Coverage Systems (PDF)

  1. Fire Prevention

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  2. Monday through Friday
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