Traffic & Pedestrian Safety Program

Redmond's Traffic & Pedestrian Safety Program is part of the City's commitment to safety and livability of our neighborhoods. Through active participation by you and your neighbors, we can identify the problem, plan the approach, implement the solutions, and evaluate the effectiveness. 

Request for Consideration

Fill out the Report an Issue / Request a Service Form for review by City staff and include as much detail as possible regarding your Traffic & Pedestrian Safety concern. The request will be reviewed by City staff, which may include collection of traffic data. You will be contacted and informed of the findings once the review is complete.

If Approved for the Program

The program has two levels of treatments: 

  • Level I- focuses on targeted enforcement, installation of temporary speed trailers, brush trimming, pavement markings, and signage. 
  • Level II- If Level I measures prove ineffective at reducing speeds and traffic studies show the 85th percentile speed is at or above 5mph over the speed limit on 25 mph & 30 mph roadways, Level II measure will be considered. The 85th percentile must be 10mph over the posted speed for roadways with a posted speed of 35 mph and above.  Level II treatments include traffic calming devices such as speed humps, traffic circles and medians. Each Traffic Calming Device must meet specific criteria to be eligible for installation.
  1. Report an Issue

    Use the City’s request management system to report non-emergency issues, make requests, and find answers to common questions. 
    In case of emergency, call 911.

    Report Issue or Make Request

Level 1 - Low Cost Treatments                                                                                                 Level 2 -  Higher Cost Treatments

  1. Signage
  2. Pavement Markings
  3. Brush Trims
  4. Targeted Enforcement
  5. Radar Speed Trailer

Posting appropriate traffic control signs is a Phase I solution. Signs may include speed limit, parking, dead-end, school signs, etc. The sign pictured at the right directs drivers around a center median.


  1. Curb Bulbs
  2. Narrowing Streets
  3. Medians
  4. Speed Humps
  5. Traffic Circles
  6. Roundabouts

Curb bulbs are a form of roadway narrowing at intersections that reduce the street width from curb to curb. They shorten crossing distances for pedestrians and draw attention to pedestrians via raised peninsulas. They also tighten the curb radii at the corners, reducing the speeds of turning vehicles. They can be used to create protected on-street parking bays.

Curb bulbs come in a wide variety of sizes and typically result in speed decreases of 7%. They are easily combined with a raised intersection or raised mid-block crosswalk. Curb bulbs placed opposite one another mid-block create a "choker," which can result in more significant speed reduction.Curb Bulb

When project costs are higher than the Traffic & Pedestrian Safety Program can support, the projects will be added to the list of Targeted Safety Improvement Projects. These projects are ranked based on scores given for complexity, cost, and safety risk. Typically one to two Targeted Safety Improvement projects are installed per biennium.

Neighborhood Yard signs

City of Redmond Neighborhood Yard Sign Program

The city is offering these yard signs to help raise awareness of traffic safety in neighborhoods. 

Currently, there are four different signs with traffic safety messages.

A maximum of 2 signs will be given per household and the total number may be limited in any one neighborhood.

If you would like to request a sign, please submit a service request using the city's "Report an Issue" tool using the issue type: Traffic Concerns: Traffic & Pedestrian Safety.


To see some examples of installed safety elements:

Visit the City of Redmond Walking page in the Transportation section of this website.

Upcoming Program Installations

  • 188 Ave NE & NE 65 St Crosswalk: enhanced with flashing lights and audio push buttons
  • 188 Ave NE at the Mid-block Crosswalk: enhanced with flashing lights and audio push buttons
  • 160 Ave NE at the QFC parking lot: enhanced with flashing lights and audio push buttons
  • NE 24th St west of 182nd Ave NE: 2 Speed Radar Signs

Recent Installations

  • Larger Stop Sign, stop bar and center line markings at 163rd Ave NE & NE 99th St
  • Larger Stop Sign, stop bar and center line markings at 162nd Ave NE & NE 98th St
  • Flashing Beacons added to sign on 140 Ave NE near NE 80th 
  • Various In-street pedestrian crosswalk signs
  • Speed Radar Sign on NE 95th St
• New Flashing crosswalks at:
  • NE 104th St & NE 172nd Ave NE
  • 140th Ave NE & NE 74th St
  • NE 79th St & 169th Ave NE

Projects proposed for future

  • Flashing Crosswalks on NE 104th St @ Redmond High School, Hartman Park & Horace Mann
  • Raised Crosswalks on NE 180th Ave NE from NE 25th St to NE 29th St
  • Speed Radar signs on Old Red Rd at NE 70th St
  • Flashing crosswalk on Old Red Rd at NE 68th St