Neighborhood Traffic Calming

Redmond's Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program is part of the City's commitment to safety and livability of our neighborhoods.SpeedLimit25 Through active participation by you and your neighbors, we can identify the problem, plan the approach, implement the solutions, and evaluate the effectiveness. 

Request for Consideration

Fill out the Report an Issue / Request a Service Form for review by City staff and include as much detail as possible regarding your Neighborhood Traffic Calming concern. The request will be reviewed by City staff, which includes collection of traffic data. You will be contacted and informed of the findings and recommendations, if any, once the review is complete.

If Approved for the Program

The program works in two phases: 

  • Phase I- focuses on passive, less restrictive measures like educational programs, enforcement, pavement markings, and signage. 
  • Phase II -If Phase I measures prove ineffective at reducing excessive speeds or traffic volumes, traffic calming devices such as speed humps or traffic circles may be used in Phase II. Specific criteria must be met for your street to be eligible for installation of these types of devices.
  1. Report an Issue

    Use the City’s request management system to report non-emergency issues, make requests, and find answers to common questions. 
    In case of emergency, call 911.

    Report Issue or Make Request

Phase 1 - Possible Solutions                                                                                                 Phase 2 -  Components

  1. Safety Campaign
  2. Signage
  3. Pavement Markings
  4. Brush Trims
  5. Targeted Enforcement
  6. Radar Speed Trailer

A traffic safety campaign can heighten traffic safety awareness in a neighborhood.  If speed and traffic volume studies begin the campaign, results may be reported in a safety newsletter mailed to area residents.  Information on traffic laws and on pedestrian and bicycle safety may be included along with recommended traffic calming measures.Traffic Safety Campaign

  1. Curb Bulbs
  2. Narrowing Streets
  3. Medians
  4. Speed Humps
  5. Traffic Circles
  6. Roundabouts

Curb bulbs are a form of roadway narrowing at intersections that reduce the street width from curb to curb. They shorten crossing distances for pedestrians and draw attention to pedestrians via raised peninsulas. They also tighten the curb radii at the corners, reducing the speeds of turning vehicles. They can be used to create protected on-street parking bays.

Curb bulbs come in a wide variety of sizes and typically result in speed decreases of 7%. They are easily combined with a raised intersection or raised mid-block crosswalk. Curb bulbs placed opposite one another mid-block create a "choker," which can result in more significant speed reduction.Curb Bulb