Sanctioned Maintenance Programs

Traffic On Road 520On-going activities in Transportation Services occur under the "program" umbrella.

Transportation Services programs are sanctioned by the City Council and are established to accomplish significant City objectives. Each program has a systematic focus and a two-year budget dedicated towards program actions taken towards program goals.

Program activities that center around such important elements of the City's transportation system such as:

  • Safety
  • Managing the City's infrastructure
  1. Bridge Repair
  2. Pavement Management

Leary Way BridgeThe goal of the Bridge Repair Program is to preserve and maintain the City's bridges in good and safe condition while meeting State and Federal requirements.

Total of 38 bridges within the Redmond City limits:

  • 19 - owned and maintained by the City  
  • 19 - owned and/or maintained by other agencies

Maintenance & Inspection

The City's bridges are inspected every two years. Bridges that may be vulnerable to erosion are inspected more frequently.  

Bridge maintenance is performed on an as-needed basis. One of the more common bridge maintenance tasks is removing graffiti.  

York Bridge