Walking  Redmond

Redmond offers many opportunities to walk, bike or skate. There are many trails, sidewalks and walking paths to walk whether for fun, exercise or simply to get from place to place within the city or on an urban trail. Visit Redmond’s East walking map (PDF) and West walking map (PDF) offer many choices to encourage you to put one foot in front of another.       

Read our Share the Trail brochure (PDF) filled with best behavior and safe practices when sharing the trail with others.


Redmond’s Pedestrian and Bicycle Advisory Committee helps enhance Redmond’s non-motorized transportation system to better enable people to safely and efficiently move about the community by foot and bicycle. 

Go Redmond provides incentives for people using alternative modes of transportation to get to work. 

The following are safety elements the City has deployed for pedestrian safety:

  1. RRFB (Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon)
  2. Crosswalks
  3. Countdown Signals & Push Buttons
  4. Pedestrian Zone Signs
  5. School Zones

Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFBs)

RRFBs are pedestrian actuated devices with yellow rectangular flashing lights that help bring attention to a pedestrian at an uncontrolled marked location.

When an RRFB is installed, motorists yield at much higher rates which results in fewer pedestrian collisions.

RRFBs are typically deployed with additional low-cost safety treatments such as signs anRRFBd pavement markings.

Per the Manual on Uniformed Traffic Control Devices, the federal document that regulates traffic control installations, RRFBs shall only be installed at uncontrolled (no stop signs or signal) marked locations.

The City of Redmond Public Works Signal Technicians maintain over 45 RRFBs throughout Redmond City limits.

Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFB) and Hi-Visibility Crosswalk Enhancements. (See Crosswalk section for more details on the Hi-Visibility Crosswalk)

NE 79th St. & 169th Ave NE adjacent to Anderson Park


2020 RRFB enhanced crosswalk installation locations:

  •  NE 90th St & 161st Ave NE, near the Bella Bottega Shopping area
  • NE 104th St & 172nd Ave NE, adjacent to Harman Park, Redmond High School, and Horace Mann Elementary
  • 140th Ave NE & NE 74th St, near Rose Hill and Stella Schola Middle Schools
  • Willows Rd & NE 87th St, connecting the Redmond Central Connector with Transit Stops
  • 152nd Ave NE & Sound Transit Overlake Village Station and pedestrian bridge