Business Licensing

Important Notice:

A City of Redmond Business License is valid for the current calendar year and expires December 31. Licenses require annual renewals that are accepted after January 1 of each year. Renewal notices are emailed/mailed to businesses the first full week of January. If you require a license before you receive your notice, and it is after January 1, please contact us. The 2021 annual license fee is $119.00 per full-time equivalent employee (1,920 hours worked in the City of Redmond).

New license applications are accepted at any time throughout the year, but do expire on December 31 (regardless of when applied for). If you are conducting business in Redmond for the first time and apply late in the year, please be aware that you will be required to renew your license after January 1 for the following year.

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A business license is required to engage in business in the City of Redmond whether you are located within Redmond, or simply conducting business in Redmond. To determine if your business is located within the Redmond City limits, view our interactive map and search by your address, or see a PDF street map of Redmond instead.

If your place of business is not located within the city limits, but you or your agents will be physically coming into the city to conduct business, call on clients, or provide services, you will also need a Redmond business license. If you are not sure whether your business requires a license, a list of exempt businesses is provided in the FAQs tab.