Chicken Husbandry

Raising Chickens in Redmond

If you live in a single-family zone you can raise hens and pullets.
  • Roosters are not permitted
  • Chickens are not permitted in R-8, multi-family, urban centers, and business zones

Getting Started

Many resources are available to help you learn about chicken husbandry and best land and animal management.

Maximum Number of Chickens

Determine the number of chickens allowed based on your property's zoning designation.
  • R-6 - 4 maximum chickens
  • R-5 - 6 maximum chickens
  • R-4 - 7 maximum chickens
  • R-3 - 8 maximum chickens
  • RA-5, R-1, R-2, and Urban Recreation - 10 maximum chickens
  • RIN - Email the Planner on Call