Marymoor Village Zones

MM zoning proposal - Nov 2023Marymoor Village is continuing to develop into a transit-oriented community with a focus on inclusion. For example, public spaces have been developed to be comfortable for a neurodiverse community. New multifamily developments include units that exceed accessibility standards. Elements such as public art honor the special connection that local tribes have with Bear Creek, Lake Sammamish, and the lands surrounding them. Community members enjoy excellent access to Marymoor Park and to a light rail system that connects them to the region.

The Marymoor Village Design Districts and General Commercial areas are undergoing zoning consolidation and rezoning to accommodate growth and simplify the code. Marymoor Village will also have updated design standards and incentives and will be the pilot for our inclusive neighborhood standards. The addition of a TOD Focus Area will increase allowed heights (project level SEPA review required to go above 6 stories).

Learn more about Redmond 2050 policy and code updates and unique concepts that will be a part of the placemaking for this unique neighborhood. 

Adoption of zoning and other code amendments anticipated for Spring 2025.

Land Use DesignationZones
Marymoor Mixed-UseMarymoor Core
Marymoor Edge

Marymoor Manufacturing
Citywide Mixed-UseUrban Mixed-Use
Corridor Mixed-Use

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Marymoor Core

  • Purpose: An active mixed-use zone with high level of pedestrian-oriented uses, services, entertainment, and jobs.  
  • Building types: mid- and high-rise mixed-use, office, parking garage   
  • Height:      45 ft / 144 ft with incentives 
  • FAR:         3.0 / 8.0 with incentives  
  • Uses:  Mixed-use, assembly, entertainment, office, and residential
  • Key changes: 
    • Includes all of the MDD1 and a portion of MDD2 zones so that properties/blocks across the street from light rail are included 
    • Adjustments to locations of preferred street-level pedestrian-oriented uses
    • Incentives


Marymoor Edge

  • Purpose: Mixed-use zone with residential and neighborhood services that abut Marymoor Park.
  • Building types:  low- to mid-rise mixed-use and residential  
  • Height:       35 ft / 70 ft with incentives (144 ft in TOD Focus Area)
  • FAR:           2.54 / 3.75 with incentives (8.0 in TOD Focus Area)
  • Uses: residential, services, education, and retail
  • Key changes: 
    • Incentives


Marymoor Manufacturing

  • Purpose: Allow for continuation and expansion of existing manufacturing 
  • Building types: Light manufacturing, non-residential mixed-use
  • Height:   35 ft base / 45 ft with incentives  
  • FAR:       0.50 base / 2.0 with incentives
  • Uses:  Light manufacturing, artisan, on-site sales 
  • Key change: Minimal changes other than renaming and increase in max FAR


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  1. Beckye Frey

    Principal Planner