Downtown Zones

ZoningMapDowntownDowntown zoning districts will be simplified from 12 zones to 3, the Town Center subareas will be removed, and a new TOD Focus Area will be established. Additional updates include: 

  • Development standards will be updated to accommodate growth, but building heights will stay substantially the same in most of Downtown. 
  • Within the TOD Focus Area buildings may go up to 12 stories when maximizing the incentive program. 
  • Incentive program updates include adding options for anti-displacement and inclusive design in addition to the affordable housing and green building categories. 
  • Design guidelines will be updated
  • Allowed uses will be updated to ensure lively and vibrant daytime activity as well as an active nighttime

Learn more about Redmond 2050 policy and code updates. 

Adoption of zoning and other code amendments anticipated for Spring 2025.

Land Use DesignationZones
Downtown Mixed-UseDowntown Core
Downtown Edge
Town Center

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Downtown Core

  • Purpose: 
    • The Downtown Core zone is the epicenter of Downtown life, anchored by community spaces like Downtown Park and the Redmond Library. Mixed-use development provides for housing and job growth, as well as opportunities for growth in professional, business, health, and personal services. 
    • Downtown Core encompasses the historic heart of Redmond, called Old Town, which is home to several historic structures. Community members value the traditional Downtown character and historic structures in Old Town, and so policies address how to retain that character while allowing future change.
  • Building types: Low- and Mid-rise residential, office, and mixed-use buildings  
  • Height:  
    • Baseline Max: 60 ft. (5 stories)
    • Max with Incentives: 120 ft (8 stories); In TOD Focus Area: 144 ft (12 stories) 
  • FAR: 
    • Baseline Max:            4.5 
    • Max with Incentives:  6.5; in TOD Focus Area 8.0 
  • Uses: a mix of cultural, entertainment, educational, retail, restaurants, professional offices, services, and uses that meet needs of residents and employees, enliven the area in the evening
  • Key changes: 
    • Simplifying the code and consolidating zones
    • Up-zoning to increase capacity near light rail station
    • Expand office opportunities 

Downtown Edge

  • Purpose: Downtown Edge is the part of Downtown that transitions to adjacent neighborhoods. While still allowing goods and services, it is intended to retain a quieter “residential” character than the other nearby mixed-use areas. Downtown Edge will provide These areas are all located within walking distance to the various retail and service areas and transit options in the Downtown. 
  • Building types: A variety of middle-density housing types as well as low- and mid-rise mixed-use buildings
  • Height:  
    • Baseline Max: 36 ft. (3 stories)
    • Max with Incentives: 45 ft (4 stories)  
  • FAR: 
    • Baseline Max:            3.0 
    • Max with Incentives:  3.75 
  • Uses: Provide for goods and services at entrances to the Downtown edge that are convenient for bicycle, pedestrian, and vehicular access from surrounding residential and employment areas to encourage complete neighborhoods and decrease vehicular congestion.
  • Key change: Simplifying the code 

Town Center

  • Purpose: Town Center is one of the city’s primary gathering places. Its mix of shops and restaurants, offices, hotel rooms, and housing brings people together during the day and evenings for planned or casual meetings. The long-term vision for Town Center is that it will continue to develop as a major gathering and entertainment place within the community, connected with accessible and active transportation to Marymoor Park, the rest of Downtown, and the region.
  • Building types: Mid-to high-rise commercial and office with residential and mixed-use 
  • Height:  
    • Baseline Max: 60 ft. (5 stories)
    • Max with Incentives: 85 ft (8 stories) or 144 ft (12 stories) in TOD Focus Area  
  • FAR: 
    • Baseline Max:            5.0 
    • Max with Incentives:  6.5 or 8.0 in TOD Focus Area
  • Uses: Mixed-use that includes housing, recreation and leisure activities, evening/late evening entertainment, residential and retail uses, personal services, pop-up markets, restaurants.
  • Key change: 
    • Simplifying the code
    • Removing subareas
    • Max height to be consistent throughout Town Center in TOD Focus Area

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