Microsoft Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Project Overview

An electric vehicle charging and maintenance facility for Microsoft’s 291 vehicle Commute & Shuttle fleet. This facility will act as the program home, providing parking, charging, and vehicle maintenance. There will be 225 surface parking stalls for buses with an overhead gantry charging system, a 165-stall surface parking lot for employees and visitors, a bus wash and maintenance facility, and office space.

Project Numbers:  LAND-2023-00271 and SEPA-2024-00001

Project Types:  Type II Site Plan Entitlement and State Environmental Policy Act

Notice of Application with Optional DNS

Alta Survey
Critical Aquifers Recharge Areas Report
Critical Areas Report
Geotechnical Report
GHG Emissions Worksheet
SEPA Application Form
SEPA Checklist
Stormwater Report
Title Report
Traffic Study Phase I
Transportation Certificate of Concurrency
Tree Health Assessment Report
Tree Removal Exception Memo
Utility Availability Certificate