646 Cascade View East

Project Overview

16310 NE 80th ST is a new proposed 85’ tall residential apartment building located on 80th Street in downtown Redmond, WA. It is comprised of 8 floors above grade, one level below totaling 347,713 sf with 260 parking spaces and 270 residential units. It includes a 5-story Type-IIIA wood-framed residential tower above a 3-story Type-IA concrete podium. Ground level uses include residential lobby/lounge, units and indoor open space that serves the neighborhood, as well as residents. The project is to be designed and constructed in a contiguous single phase.

Project Numbers:  LAND-2023-000136 and SEPA-2023-00258

Project Types:  Type II Site Plan Entitlement and State Environmental Policy Act

Notice of Application with Optional DNS

ALTA Surveys
Critical Areas Aquifer Recharge Report
Design Review Board 1 Presentation
Design Review Board Design Standards Checklist
Geotechnical Report
Green House Gases Emissions
Land Use Application
Plan Set
Project Narrative
SEPA Application
SEPA Checklist
Title Report
Traffic Study Phase 1
Tree Health Assessment Report