Economic Development Strategic Plan

The City of Redmond is partnering with Community Attributes Inc (CAI) to create an Economic Development Strategic Action Plan (EDSAP) to guide business support programming over the next five years. The city welcomes the community and business owner feedback to help shape Redmond's business assistance programs. 

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General Project Timeline: 

May 2023
Request for proposals (RFP) process - Cross department city staff panel review of applicant proposals and interviews with top scoring consultants 

July 5: 
Committee of the Whole Council Meeting - Staff present contract with chosen consultant (CAI) to City Council 

July 18:
City Council Business Meeting - Consent agenda contract approval 

Project Kick Off with CAI 

August, September, October, November: 
Data Analysis - CAI to review existing Redmond studies, plans, policies, reports, programs, and research. CAI to review local and national demographic and economic data. 

October, November, December, January (2024): 
Community and stakeholder engagement - CAI to complete extensive engagement to gain a sophisticated understanding of the regional economy and local conditions to guide the plan and recommendations into action. 

January, February, March 2024: 
Economic Development Strategy Analysis - CAI to complete vision statement, concreate and measurable goals, strategies, actions, timelines, and relative costs for the draft Economic Development Strategic Plan. 

Final Economic Development Strategic Action Plan (EDSAP) - CAI to complete the final version of the EDSAP.