Perch Short Plat

Project Overview

The applicant is proposing a 6-lot short subdivision with infrastructure onsite for storm water, open space, pedestrian connection to the pipeline trail, and local transportation connectivity to NE 112th Way.  This proposal includes one parcel, having a total approximate gross area of 2.05-acres (89,336 square feet).  The project has existing frontage and access to NE 112th Way across Tract I of the Hawthorne Park Plat.  Water and sewer utilities will be provided through the City of Redmond.

File Numbers: LAND-2023-00142, SEPA-2023-00199

Project Type: Type II Short Subdivision

Public Notice
Notice of Application with an Optional DNS (PDF)

Neighborhood Meeting
Presentation (PDF)

Arborist Report (PDF)
Geotechnical Report (PDF)
Plan Set (PDF)
Project Narrative (PDF)
Safe Walk Routes (PDF)
SEPA Application (PDF)
SEPA Checklist (PDF)
Site Photos (PDF)
Stormwater Report (PDF)