Privately Owned Public Space (POPS)


Privately Owned Public Spaces (POPS) are a recreational amenity available in Redmond’s Parks and Recreation system. These spaces are privately owned by a developer or homeowners association, but can be enjoyed by the entire community through an agreement with the City. Typical POPS are parks, plazas, and community gardens, but can also be indoor community space or courtyards.

POPS add more public spaces to the City’s park system for community enjoyment, and are generally in developments in Downtown, Overlake, and Marymoor Village where higher density is planned. POPS are allowed by the Redmond Zoning Code in exchange for development incentives such as additional residential units.


Esterra Park (15300 NE Turing Street, Redmond, WA 98052)Esterra Park (9)

Spectra Community Gardens (17620 NE 69th Court, Redmond, WA 98052)


Seritage Park (coming soon)


During the permit review of private development projects, the developer may decide to provide a POPS to achieve a development incentive, such as additional stories or alternative Park Impact Fees. This is in addition to the open space they are required to provide. The developer works with city staff, the Parks, Trails, and Recreation Commission, and Design Review Board to determine the appropriate size, programming, and design for the POPS. An agreement between the City and the private developer will be reviewed and approved and will include site standards, signage requirements, and applicable operation use agreements, permanent easement agreements, and maintenance standards. When the development permits have been approved and constructed, the POPS signs will be posted to the site, identifying that the space is accessible to the entire community. 


The POPS adhere to Park Rules as listed in RMC 9.31.

Reporting Issues

The City of Redmond uses the Q-Alert as a way for community members to request a service or report an issue. The City has partnered with property managers of Esterra Park and Spectra Community Gardens and will be directly contacted for matters pertaining to their POPS . Reporting issues via Q-Alert is the fastest way to have staff respond to concerns.