Curious_Matt Babcock

Address: 7740 159th Pl NE, Redmond, WA 98052

Art Exhibit Information

Curious? by Matt Babcock

A grizzly bear seems to be prying up the corner of its pedestal to see what’s underneath. What’s there is a plaque that reads, “Curious?” Passersby who are themselves curious enough to go see what the bear is looking at will be drawn into the story.

The piece is located outside a new apartment building in a neighborhood of newcomers to the city, state, and country. It’s meant to encourage people to investigate their surroundings and engage with the community.

This method of constructing a sculpture from bent aluminum plates is a great way to make something visually massive that is actually quite lightweight. The bear is extremely strong but weighs only 650 lbs.

"My work as an artist is an extension of my experience as an architect, which includes public design review and permitting as well as extensive and successful collaboration with public agencies, builders, and other stakeholders. I have completed several large public commissions and my work is being shown in a number of parks and cities.

I developed my appreciation for materials and the ways things are made through practice in metal fabrication and application in industry. I have created art in many media, but keep coming back to the metal shop."