Buoyant Pavilion

Buoyant Pavilion_Jill Anholt

Address: Redmond Downtown Park

Art Exhibit Information

Buoyant Pavilion by Jill Anholt

Buoyant is an inhabitable sculpture that acts simultaneously as a pavilion, a water feature, and a platform for performance, and ephemeral artworks. The giant mirrored ceiling which reflects and expands the surroundings, appears to float weightlessly above, supported by an array of grooved structural rods that hold a dynamic flow of water along their surface through meniscal tension. At night, the water wall transforms into a canvas for coloured LED lighting and projected digital artworks which actually wrap around the rods, making the experience visible from all sides and expanding infinitely within the ceiling.

Jill has received national and international awards for her public realm artworks. Many awards recognize her works’ role in sustainability and placemaking, either on their own or integrated within design projects. Jill’s work explores hidden stories, systems, and conditions of a particular place which she weaves into dynamic spatial installations that invite active engagement with a viewer. Jill’s process, rooted in the rigour of her sculpture and architectural education, embraces a wide variety of scales and materials, and is engaged with both community and design team collaboration. Her built work often incorporates illumination and interactivity and ranges from smaller scale interpretive features to complex, integrated civic projects for municipalities and developments across North America.