Climate Resilience


The City of Redmond is developing a new Climate Resilience and Sustainability Element as part of the Redmond 2050 Comprehensive Plan update.

Its intention is to provide long-term policy support and direction for the City's efforts to reduce overall greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, enhance resilience to the negative impacts of climate change, and avoid creating or worsening climate impacts on vulnerable populations and overburdened communities. 

The Climate Resilience and Sustainability Element also supports on-going efforts identified in the City's -

Draft 2 of Climate Resilience and Sustainability element available for review (Jan. 2024)

The second draft is available for review:

Climate Resilience and Sustainability Element- Draft 2

A policy guide showing changes from draft 1 can be found here:

Climate Resilience and Sustainability - Policy Guide

Updates from the first draft include:

  • Narrative text and formatting, including a vision statement (this follows the outline for all Redmond 2050 Comprehensive Plan elements).
  • 5 new policies on: 
    • Diversity in outreach and engagement
    • Passive cooling
    • Water resource conservation
    • VMT reduction target
    • Policy on energy efficiency for existing buildings
    • 23 updated policies (out of 41). See Policy Guide for changes from Draft 1.

Next Steps

Draft will be available for public comment this winter. Feedback received will be incorporated into a final draft to be published in the spring.

Employees Working on Solar Panels on City Hall

First Draft of proposed policies 

The first draft of policies for the new Climate Resilience and Sustainability element is available for review.  

Climate Resiliency and Sustainability Element - Draft 1

Policy Considerations 

  • Alignment with Redmond 2050 themes of Equity & Inclusion, Sustainability, and Resiliency.
  • Supports regional and City of Redmond goals for greenhouse gas emissions reduction.
  • Reduce negative impacts to vulnerable populations and overburdened communities.
  • Make progress towards fulfilling requirements of RCW 36.70A.070.9 as amended by WA House Bill 1181 (adopted 2023)

More information

More information about the City's environmental sustainability and greenhouse gas reduction efforts can be found at