Complete Neighborhoods


This spring and summer of 2023 the City held a number of workshops and events throughout the community to talk about changes to Redmond's neighborhoods that would allow more community members to access goods and services with a short walk from their home.  

Complete Community

A complete community is a place where you can meet all your basic needs by walking or rolling close to home. Basic needs are shops, services, schools, parks, grocery stores, and places that support everyday life.

The City is exploring options for changes in our residential neighborhoods. Please join the conversations and let us know what actions you would be comfortable happening in your neighborhood. 

What are some things you want to see in your neighborhood?  

  • Mobile and micro businesses (food trucks, carts, etc.) - temporary, typically for a few hours to a few days unless in a designated spot for this type of activity
  • Shops and other small businesses in existing houses - semi-permanent, but a home itself would not substantially change and could be a business or a home,
  • Corner stores and other small business - permanently change specific areas to allow for new commercial or mixed-use buildings.

Comunidades Autosuficientes

Una comunidad autosuficiente es un lugar donde uno tiene acceso a todas las necesidades esenciales por medio de una pequeña caminata o viaje en bicicleta. Las necesidades básicas incluyen comercio y servicios, escuelas, parques, supermercados y lugares que uno utiliza diariamente.

¿Qué cosas le gustaría ver en su vecindario para que se convirtiera en una comunidad autosuficiente?

  • Camiones de comida y otro tipo de comercio ambulante
  • Tiendas y pequeños negocios en viviendas existentes
  • Tiendas de barrio y otro tipo de negocios concentrados en ciertas áreas

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  1. Lauren Alpert

    Senior Planner

  2. Ian Lefcourte

    Senior Planner, Long Range Planning

  3. Odra Cardenas