Upcoming Events

FREE Styrofoam and Plastic Bag Recycling Pickup with Ridwell


The City of Redmond is partnering with Ridwell to offer all Redmond residents the opportunity to recycle Styrofoam, plastic bags, and plastic film from your doorstep for free. Plastic film includes bubble wrap, some Amazon Prime shippers, clean Ziploc bags, and more.

This offer is open to all City of Redmond residents living in houses, condos, and apartments. It is currently unavailable for businesses, schools, or other organizations. You do not have to be a Ridwell member to participate.  

The next pickup will take place in January 2024 and will include holiday lights. Please check back for dates and sign-up information.

FREE Paper Shredding

The City of Redmond sponsors free shredding events open to all Redmond residents. Don’t miss this great opportunity to securely shred any documents with important personal information.

For safety, please remain in your vehicle. 

What to bring: 
Personal or confidential documents only. Please do not bring junk mail, newspapers, catalogs, or other items that can be recycled at home. No pre-shredded materials, CDs, DVDs, binders, or plastic bags are allowed.  

How much to bring: 
Please limit your quantity of personal documents to five banker boxes or an equivalent amount. 

Who can participate: 
The event is open to all households but is not intended for businesses. All papers are securely shredded on-site and recycled.

Shredding events have concluded for 2023 
Please check back for shredding events in 2024.

FREE Sustainable Living Classes


The City of Redmond is offering free classes to help residents live more sustainably. Class topics include recycling right, reducing food waste, safer cleaning, and more! All classes are interactive and taught by a live instructor.  Class participants will receive emailed resources covered in the class. All classes are virtual.  Classes are free, but registration is required.

Pass Up Plastic

October 11th

6:00 – 7:00 PM (virtual)

Reduce your use of plastic. Find out alternatives to plastic products and ways to avoid using plastic in the first place. Bonus! This class will also include information on choosing safer home products and proper disposal of household hazardous waste!

Sustainable Cleaning

October 24th

6:00 – 7:00 PM (virtual)

Learn how to choose safer cleaning products or how to make non-toxic cleaners with simple ingredients at home.


Sustainable Holiday Meals

November 16th

6:00 – 7:00 PM (virtual)

Learn how to reduce wasted food and lessen your carbon footprint through meal planning, utilizing seasonal local foods and cooking parts of food that are typically wasted.


Waste Free Holiday Giving

December 5th 

6:00 – 7:00 PM (virtual)

Learn how and where to make sustainable purchases of gift items and experiences just in time for the holidays.


Register for classes here.