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Help with Recycling

Your garbage service includes free recycling, up to 200% the volume or your garbage dumpster.  For example, if you have a two-yard garbage dumpster, you get a four-yard recycling dumpster serviced for free.

City staff can provide recycling posters, and other helpful items like recycling tote bags for apartment and condo residents to use to collect material and carry them outside to recycling dumpsters.

To request or change recycling service contact Waste Management at 1-800-592-9995 or visit

To request recycling posters, recycling tote bags, or other recycling assistance contact 425-556-2900 extension 7 or fill out a request for service.

Wondering what can be recycled in Redmond? Learn more on the Waste Management business page and apartment manager page.

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Free Food Scraps Compost Collection

CompostThe City offers food scraps composting collection carts for businesses at no additional cost as part of garbage service.

All food, including meat, cheese and bones, as well as un-coated paper products, like napkins and paper towels can be placed in organics composting carts.

City staff work directly with businesses, schools, and apartment complexes to set up and maintain free organics composting service. 

Each participant may have up to three 64-gallon organics composting carts serviced twice a week at no additional charge. After each servicing carts are lined with a new compostable bag so carts stay clean. Collected materials are composted locally for landscaping and gardening.  

The food scraps composting program has been successfully running in Redmond for over 16 years. Currently there are 117 businesses, 62 apartments and condominium properties, 12 schools and 9 government buildings participating in the program.

Joining is easy! To join send in a request for service or call 425-556-2900 extension 7 and a City representative will reach out to get you started. You will receive onsite training and materials like posters and kitchen food scraps bins to help your program be successful!

EnviroStarsBecome an Official Green Business in Redmond

Take the Refresh Your Recycling Pledge and join other Redmond businesses in recycling more and reducing waste. Thanks to all the Redmond Businesses (PDF) that have taken the Recycling Pledge!

Want to be certified as a Green Business? Envirostars offers comprehensive Green Business certification and regional recognition.

Help with Hazardous Waste Disposal

The King County Hazardous Waste Program can help eligible Redmond businesses safely dispose of hazardous waste. 

Residential Hazardous Waste Information

Hazardous Waste Management Program Free Hazardous Waste Disposal

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