2022 Stormwater Program/Permit Accomplishments

Stormwater accomplishments for 2023 picture banner of bird in water

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Public Outreach and Education

Launched the "Close the Lid" campaign to get businesses to close outdoor dumpster lids.

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50+ community members "adopted" storm drains through the Adopt-a-Drain program. Since program inception, almost 240 drains have been adopted.

Illicit Discharge (Spill response)

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152 illicit discharges (spills) investigated, including 17 spills that "constituted a threat to human health or the environment." 

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89 city employees trained to identify and report illicit discharges.

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100% of the city-owned stormwater system checked for illicit connections since 2019. 

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Site Plan Review

65 private project applications reviewed for stormwater controls.

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Construction site inspection

235 construction sites visited to ensure proper erosion and sediment control measures.

Operations and Maintenance

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Catch Basin Inspection

  • 7,366 catch basins inspected, 61% of the City’s public stormwater system.
  • 1,451 city-owned catch basins cleaned and maintained.
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Sediment management

  • 2,012 tons of debris and sediments removed from streets for processing in the City’s decant facility. 
  • 471 cubic yards of sediment removed from city stormwater vaults and ponds.
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Facility Inspection

  • 100% of City-owned stormwater facilities inspected, 536 in total.
  • 190+ private stormwater facilities inspected at 67 properties. 

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