172nd Ave NE Gate Opening

Photo of gate at 172nd Ave NE and NE 124th Street

Public Meeting on Nov. 8

The City of Redmond hosted an online public meeting regarding updates to the corridor plan for the 172nd Ave. NE gate project.

Public Meeting on July 19

The City of Redmond hosted a meeting to listen to concerns and answer questions on July 19 at Redmond City Hall and online via Microsoft Teams. John Taylor, King County Director of Local Services, Tricia Davis, King County Road Services Director, and Aaron Bert, Redmond Public Works Director, attended to answer questions at the meeting.

Council Study Session

Redmond City Council considered this topic at its regularly scheduled study session, 7 p.m., June 27, in Redmond City Hall Council Chambers. There is no public comment at study sessions.

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Project Overview

The City of Redmond works to improve connectivity and mobility of people throughout the City and provide safe, reliable infrastructure. The project to remove the gate from 172nd Avenue NE and install traffic calming features will allow faster access for emergency services, improve traffic circulation overall, and increase connectivity for residents while discouraging cut-through traffic, reducing traffic speeds, and improving the safety of all. 

Removing the gate will allow increased connectivity for residents on both sides of the gate, and traffic calming measures will limit the amount of cut-through traffic and its speed. Based on data from a currently in-process traffic study, daily projected traffic volumes after the gate is opened are expected to be less than 3,800 vehicles per day in total for both directions combined by 2030. This volume aligns with other similarly sized connector streets in Redmond. 

Project Purpose: 

It’s a valuable connection for Redmond and King County alike and is a public roadway intended to be used by all. Opening this connection provides travel options and improves overall system circulation.

Project Benefits:

  • Reduce response times for emergency services

  • Reduce traffic speeds
  • Discourage cut-through traffic
  • Increase connectivity for residents
  • Improve traffic circulation 


Construction of this project will take place in two parts. The first part will install several traffic calming measures along the 172nd Avenue NE corridor from the location of the gate, north. Part one will be completed before the road is opened to traffic. The second part will add a traffic signal at the intersection of 162nd Place NE and NE 124th Street. Pat two will be constructed when funding and permits are secured. 

Part one of construction will begin in 2023. All construction will be coordinated with King County.

Removing the gate

In order to install a traffic circle at the intersection of 172nd Avenue NE and NE 124th Street, the gate across 172nd Avenue NE will need to be removed to make space for construction. Barriers will be in place during construction to prevent through traffic. The road will remain closed to traffic until the construction of traffic calming measures is complete. 

Construction – Part 1:

Intersection of 172nd Avenue NE and NE 124th Street
New features will include:

  • A traffic circle. 
  • A streetlight. 
  • Intersection narrowing with traffic delineators. 

Intersection of 172nd Avenue NE and NE 126th Place
New features will include:

  • A traffic circle.
  • 2 streetlights.
  • Intersection narrowing with traffic delineators. 

Corridor Improvements
New features will include:

  • Lane lines to separate vehicles and pedestrians.
  • Two speed cushions. 

Construction – Part 2:

  • 162nd Place NE and NE 124th St intersection traffic control measures to be determined.


The City first examined this extension as part of the 1995 Comprehensive Plan and then proposed it as part of the 2004 Transportation Master Plan as an improvement to circulation, mobility, and access in the city street network. Following lobbying from residents in unincorporated King County, the city installed the gate. A new corridor study was completed, which recommended additional traffic calming measures and a signal at 162nd Place NE and NE 124th Street. The gate has remained in place for over ten years. As the City built out the 172nd corridor, traffic calming features were installed, including curb bulb-outs, speed cushions, a roundabout, a traffic circle, an all-way stop, and a raised crosswalk. This project will implement additional traffic calming measures, including traffic circles and speed cushions, and remove the gate.

Project background: 

  • 172nd Avenue NE connection has been on the Comprehensive Plan since 1995.
  • In the 2004 draft Transportation Master Plan, the extension of 172nd Avenue NE between NE 122nd Street and NE 124th Street was proposed as the North Redmond area continued to expand.
  • King County residents filed an appeal of the City’s Determination of Non-Significance for the Transportation Master Plan (TMP) in April 2005, which was found not to have merit. 
  • In 2006, the city held several open houses to look at the 172nd Avenue Corridor from NE 111th Street to NE 128th Street – with the focus being actions and improvements the city would take up to the NE 124th Street northern boundary. Potential improvements to 172nd Avenue beyond NE 124th Street would be addressed with King County through a future project. 
  • The city identified the need to provide traffic calming measures throughout the corridor and built out the area from NE 111th Street to 122nd Street with multiple speed cushions, a traffic circle, curb bulb-outs, a raised crosswalk, and a roundabout.
  • Once the City proceeded to build out the corridor, residents in unincorporated King County lobbied the City Council to place a barrier at NE 124th Street and 172nd Avenue until a corridor study was completed.
  • A barrier was put in and has remained for over ten years. 
  • The 2007 Corridor study recommended installing a signal at the intersection of 162nd Place NE and NE 124th Street, and traffic calming from NE 124th Street to NE 128th Street.

Previously Installed Traffic Calming Measures

The City of Redmond began installing traffic calming measures after previous rounds of feedback regarding the 172nd Ave. NE corridor. Traffic calming features already installed along 172nd Ave. NE include:

  • narrowing the road south of the gate to 20 feet wide.
  • Raised crosswalk, two speed cushions, and several curb extensions along 172nd Ave. NE between NE 116th St. and NE 122nd St., in the vicinity of Clara Barton Elementary.
  • A roundabout at the intersection of 172nd Ave. NE and NE 116th St.
  • A traffic circle, raised crosswalk, and two speed cushions on 172nd Ave. NE between NE 116th St. and NE 111th St.
  • Four split speed humps and one speed cushion on NE 111th St. between 166th Ave. NE and 172nd Ave. NE.
  • Four speed cushions and several curb extensions along NE 122nd St. between 172nd Ave. NE and NE 124th St.

Recent work in the area

City crews recently began stormwater infrastructure improvements at the intersection of 172nd Ave. NE and NE 124th St. to install a new catch basin to keep water off the roadway and prevent icing in the winter.

Notes from Public Meetings

Two public meetings were held regarding this project. A hybrid in-person and virtual meeting was held on July 19 at City Hall, and an online meeting was held on Nov. 8 via Microsoft Teams. At each meeting, staff took notes of all questions asked, and feedback provided, and drafted the Q&A below to respond to every question asked.  

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