Waste Management Recycling Guide - ResidentsView a complete guide to what can be recycled in Redmond

Visit the recycling video library to view short videos on recycling and proper disposal. 

Visit the What Goes Where database to quicky search for recycling and proper disposal options.

Recycling Right

Follow these steps to make sure your items can be recycled!

  1. Empty out food and liquids – Empty and give a quick rinse (labels okay).
  2. Dump items out of bags or boxes into recycling carts or dumpsters – Place your recyclables loose in the container so they can be sorted at the recycling center. Paper bags can be recycled, but plastic bags ruin recycling – NO PLASTIC BAGS
  3. Flatten cardboard – Break down all boxes to save space and prevent overflow. See the section below for recycling cardboard information. 
  4. Keep the lid closed – Wet recyclables have to be thrown away, so close the lid to prevent rain from reaching them before the truck does.


Waste Management Composting Guide - ResidentsResidents living in homes in Redmond can view a guide to curbside yard waste and composting service here.

Some apartment and condo complexes have opted in to free organics composting service.  If your complex participates you can place food scraps into compost collection carts which are green with yellow lids and labeled for compost.  This compost guide shows what is included in food scraps composting.

If your complex does not participate, find more information for your property manager to consider

Food and yard waste collections are available in Redmond at no additional cost! Your scraps are turned into compost for local parks and gardens. Visit the Waste Management website for more information on what you can compost.

If food scraps composting is not available at your complex you may use community drop off carts for food scraps located at City Hall.

Food Waste Prevention

Composting is great, but preventing food waste is even better.

Hazardous Waste

Wastemobile - Hazardous WasteSome items such as gasoline, pesticides, oil-based paint, and fluorescent bulbs are considered hazardous and CANNOT go in your garbage. Check out a detailed list of hazardous materials.

Household hazardous waste is accepted for no charge at:

    King County Factoria Transfer Station Hazardous Waste Locker

    King County Wastemobile, which periodically visits Redmond at the Home Depot parking lot

View information on quantity limits and what is accepted/not accepted or call 206-296-4692.

Make Safer Cleaning Choices

Learn more about safer cleaning and how to make your safe cleansers by visiting King County’s Safer Home Product page.

Sustainable Living Classes

Hazardous Waste Information

Apartments & Condos

View the complete service guide for apartments and condos (complexes that share garbage and recycling service).

Single Family Homes and Townhouses

Recyling and Garbage CartsView the complete service guide for single family homes and townhouses (you have your own garbage, recycling and compost/yardwaste carts you take to the curb each week).

Free Recycling Next to Your Cart

Residents with curbside service may place the following next to their carts on pickup day at no additional charge:

  • Extra recyclables - Place in a bin or cardboard box
  • Motor oil – Place in a transparent, 1-gallon jug with name and address (limit 2 gallons per week) 
  • Clothing and linens - Place in a secure plastic bag labeled “textiles” 
  • Electronics (TVs, monitors, and computers) - Call Waste Management (1-800-592-9995) at least three days before pickup day to schedule a free pick-up.