Chapter 13 - Separation

City of Redmond Personnel Manual

Chapter 13 - SEPARATION

13.10 Resignation

13.20 Layoff

13.30 Disciplinary Dismissal

13.40 Retirement

13.10    Resignation

(rev. 7/2018)

Voluntary Resignations

An employee wishing to leave employment in good standing should provide his or her immediate supervisor with a written notice of resignation at least two weeks before leaving City employment. The written notice of resignation must specify the effective date of the resignation. Failure to provide two weeks’ notice usually renders the employee ineligible for reemployment. However, the two-week notification requirement may be waived by the department director.

Implied Resignation

An employee will be considered to have resigned employment under the following circumstances:

- An absence of three or more consecutive working days without notice to the City.

- A failure to return from layoff upon recall (as explained in Section 13.20 Layoff of this Manual).

13.20 Layoff

(rev. 7/2018)

Regular employees may be laid off due to a reorganization of City structure or a shortage of funds.

Selection of Employees for Layoff

Employees within a classification will be laid off in inverse order to their value to the City. If value to the City is equal, then seniority will govern. Any assertion by an employee that their selection for layoff was in bad faith is subject to the dispute resolution procedure described in Section 2.70 Dispute Resolution Procedure.


Employees to be laid off are, whenever possible, provided thirty calendar days’ notice.


Employees on layoff will be eligible for recall for one year after the effective date of the layoff. If the City desires to recall an employee, it shall attempt to contact the employee at their last known phone number. If the employee does not answer the call or promptly respond to a voice mail, the City will attempt to notify the employee of the recall by both

U.S. mail to the employee’s last known address and email to the employee’s last known personal email address. The employee has fourteen days after the notice is sent to accept the recall. If the employee fails to respond within fourteen days or rejects the recall, the employee shall be considered to have forfeited any remaining right to recall.

13.30 Disciplinary Dismissal

(rev. 7/2018)

Disciplinary actions, including dismissal of employees for disciplinary reasons, are described in Chapter 12 Discipline.

13.40 Retirement

(rev. 7/2018)


Retirement eligibility rules are established by the retirement system in which an employee participates. Employees should check with the Washington State Department of Retirement Systems for eligibility rules.

Special Provisions for PERS I Employees

For retiring PERS I employees, the date of separation is adjusted by accrued but unused vacation, floating holiday, and sick leave as described in Section 7.120 Retirement Bonus Pay of this Manual.

Disability Retirement

The City has a Long-Term Disability Plan. If a regular employee suffers a disabling condition, the employee may qualify under the terms of the Plan for disability retirement benefits. The terms of the Plan should be reviewed for specific applicable criteria in each specific instance. An employee who believes he or she may qualify is encouraged to consult with the Human Resources Department for further information.