Public-Private Partnerships

Through a public-private partnership, Microsoft has generously funded several projects that benefit our Redmond environment and community.

Microsoft and the City formed a Community Facilities District (CFD) to make the projects a reality.

 RTS Bridge

Redmond Technology Bridge

The Redmond Technology Bridge will improve mobility, safety, and accessibility in the Overlake neighborhood by providing a new east-west trail connection across SR 520 for pedestrians and bicyclists.

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NE 51st

NE 51st Street Improvements

Transportation improvements on NE 51st Street to improve signal efficiency at the intersection of NE 51st Street and 156th Avenue NE, add a two-way turn lane to serve 154th Avenue NE, install bicycle lanes between 156th Avenue NE and the eastbound SR 520 ramps, and installing truck aprons at the intersection of NE 51st Street and westbound SR 520 ramps.

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NE 31st

NE 31st Street Improvements

This project widened NE 31st Street to add 5.5 feet bicycle lanes on both the north and south sides of NE 31st Street and add an eastbound right turn lane at the intersection of NE 31st Street and 156th Avenue NE.

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NE 40th

NE 40th Street Trunkline

This project constructed a water quality treatment facility adjacent to the Overlake Technology Light Rail Station. The facility serves one of Redmond’s highest traffic volume (and highest pollutant load) areas by intercepting flow from SR 520 and NE 40th Street and discharges cleaned water to the existing drainage path, which eventually flows to Villa Marina Creek and Lake Sammamish. 

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