Transcript - Light Rail Accessibility Project Overview

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Do you or a loved one have a disability that impacts your ability to get around town?

As part of Redmond 2050’s focus on equity in the built environment, the City is conducting a study to better understand the needs of the disabled community related to accessibility to/from our new light rail stations.  

We need direct input from community members with disabilities on what works, what doesn’t, and what is needed to ensure comfortable and safe access to and from our light rail stations.  Our hope is to identify specific changes to our design standards for how we design and build our community spaces.

Please consider how you can participate in this important study about how we design our community spaces and how it impacts your ability to walk, bike, roll, and otherwise utilize public transportation for your day-to-day trips around Redmond. There are lots of ways to be a part of this project both in person and remotely. 

Our Walk and Roll site tours and focus groups will begin in February – so connect soon to learn more details about these opportunities.

Thank you for helping us as we work toward improving equity in our built environment to create a city where all residents, regardless of physical ability, can be active participants. 

Find out more about this and other Redmond 2050 updates that will help improve equity and inclusion in our community at  

  1. Mary L'Heureux

    Program Assistant

  2. Beckye Frey

    Principal Planner