Crime Statistics

The Crime Statistics Dashboard provides a look at criminal offenses that have occurred in the City of Redmond. The statistics included are based on the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) Group A offenses as published by the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs (WASPC). Yearly historical NIBRS crime statistics for Redmond and agencies around the state can be found at

About the Dashboard:

This dashboard displays data regarding criminal offenses for the previous 5 years plus the current year. Counts for offense categories may not match the counts reported in the WASPC Crime in Washington annual reports due to timing of information updates. Data in this dashboard is updated nightly and reflects the information available at the time of the update. Descriptions of the data elements included in this dashboard are listed below the dashboard.

The visuals in this dashboard are interactive. Selecting an element in a visual will focus the display of other visuals. Selecting that element again will return the report to the original state. To select multiple elements, hold down the <Ctrl> key and click on the elements. Hovering the mouse over the “?” symbol on the right side of a visual's title bar will display additional descriptions.

Crime Statistics Dashboard Data Descriptions:

  • Districts – the city is broken down into 4 police districts: City Center, Education Hill, Grass Lawn, and Overlake. See Police District map for district locations.
  • Crime Rate – the number of offenses committed per 1,000 population per year.
  • Offenses Cleared – the number of offenses that have resulted in an arrest or an exceptional clearance (police have identified the suspect(s) but are unable to make an arrest due to circumstances outside of law enforcement’s control).
  • Percentage Cleared - the percentage of offenses that have been cleared.
  • Crimes Against - each NIBRS offense is grouped into one of three categories:
    • Persons - crimes where the victim is a person,
    • Property - crimes where the object is property, money or some other benefit,
    • Society - quality of life related crimes.