The Demographics Dashboard provides a look at demographics information involving police activity. Data is displayed for activity where police arrest or cite subjects, or document contacts with individuals.

About the Dashboard:

This dashboard displays data regarding the demographics of individuals contacted by the Redmond Police Department for arrests, citations, field interviews and traffic stops. The count of activity and percentage breakdown is displayed by demographics category. The City of Redmond population demographics are also displayed where available (population demographics are provided by the US Census Bureau’s American Community Survey). Data in this dashboard is updated nightly and reflects the information available at the time of the update. Descriptions of the data elements included in this dashboard are listed below the dashboard.

The visuals in this dashboard are interactive. Users can select the year(s) for which they want to view data. Selecting an element in a visual will focus the display of other visuals. Selecting that element again will return the report to the original state. To select multiple elements, hold down the <Ctrl> key and click on the elements. Hovering the mouse over the “?” symbol on the right side of a visual's title bar will display additional descriptions.

Demographics Dashboard Data Descriptions:

  • Arrests – include subjects that are taken into custody and non-custody arrests with criminal charges forwarded to the prosecutor’s office.
  • Citations – non-criminal and traffic related infractions.
  • Field Interviews – contacts of individuals made by officers where there is a reasonable suspicion the individual has been or is currently involved in criminal conduct.
  • Residence In/Out of City – identifies whether the subject of the activity lives in or out of the City of Redmond.