Use of Force

The Redmond Police Department’s Use of Force Dashboard provides a look at incidents where force was used by officers. The department’s use of force policy incorporates the Washington State Office of the Attorney General Model Use of Force Policy released in 2022. Categories used to track use of force data were added or modified to comply with this policy. Due to these changes, reviewing use of force data from 2022 along with prior years may not provide an accurate comparison. Click for information on the Redmond Police Department's Use of Force Policy.

About the Dashboard:

The 2-page dashboard displays data regarding the incidents of force used and the demographics for both the subjects of force and the officers that used force. Data in this dashboard is updated nightly and reflects the information available at the time of the update. Descriptions of data elements are listed below the dashboard.

The visuals in this dashboard are interactive. Users can select the year(s) for which they want to view data. Selecting an element of a visual will focus the display of other visuals. Selecting that element again will return the report to the original state. To select multiple elements, hold down the <Ctrl> key and click on the elements. Hovering the mouse over the “?” symbol on the right side of a visual's title bar will display additional descriptions.  Descriptions of the data elements included in this dashboard are listed below.

Use of Force Dashboard Data Descriptions:

  • Calls for Service – the number of calls received by the Redmond Police Department (includes officer-initiated activity).
  • % of Calls with Force – the percentage of calls for service that involved a use of force.
  • Calls with Force – the number of calls for service that involved a use of force.
  • Officers Used Force – the number of officers that used force. A call with force used may involve more than one officer using force.
  • Subjects of Force – the number of individuals that were the subject of a use of force.
  • Types of Force Used – categories of the force used during an incident. An officer may use one or more types of force in the same incident.
  • Reasons for Using Force – officers’ determination for why force was used.
  • De-escalation Techniques Used by Officers – techniques intended to minimize the likelihood of the need to use force and to safely gain compliance.