Community Resource Officer

The Community Resource Officer Dashboard provides a look at activities related to schools in the Lake Washington School District in Redmond. The CRO program is a partnership between the Lake Washington School District and the Redmond Police Department. Click for information: Redmond Police Department's Community Resource Officer Program

This dashboard displays data regarding calls for service involving Community Resource Officers, along with arrest data related to schools in Redmond within the Lake Washington School District. Data in this dashboard is updated nightly and reflects the information available at the time of the update. Descriptions of data elements are listed below the dashboard.

The visuals in this dashboard are interactive. Users can select the year(s) they want to view data for. Selecting an element of a visual will focus the display of other visuals. Selecting that element again will return the report to the original state. To select multiple elements, hold down the <Ctrl> key and click on the elements. Hovering the mouse over the “?” symbol on the right side of a visual's title bar will display additional descriptions. Descriptions of the data elements included in this dashboard are listed below.

Community Resource Officer Dashboard Data Descriptions:

  • Total CRO Related Calls – calls for service received by the Redmond Police Department, including officer-initiated activity, that involve a Community Resource Officer.
  • School Events – events attended by the Redmond Police Department for school related activity such as training, sporting events, new student orientation and school assemblies.
  • School Meetings – school related meetings attended by the CRO. Includes meetings with students, school administration, teachers, and parents.
  • Classes Taught – officers involved in teaching classes.
  • Community Events – officers attended community events related to schools such as a PTSA Picnic and Bike Derby.
  • Call Types as Reported to Police – categories of calls for service as described by the reporting parties when contacting the Police Department.
  • Case Categories as Determined by Officers – categories of calls for service as determined by officers responding to the calls. Only calls generating case reports are represented in this visual. Officers may assign more than one category to a call.
  • Total Arrests – involves arrests for activity at schools. Arrests include subjects that are taken into custody and non-custody arrests with criminal charges forwarded to the prosecutor’s office.
  • Arrest Charges – charges forwarded to the prosecutor’s office associated with school related arrests. An arrest may include more than one charge.