Construction Progress

A new and larger community center is coming to Redmond in May 2024.

Follow along as we update you on the progress of the new Redmond Senior & Community Center, a new facility that will offer arts, events, and recreational options for residents of all ages. 

November Update

Construction continues on the community center, and so does work on the four new artworks that will be installed this Spring. Continue reading for a sneak peek into the art that will adorn the walls of the new Redmond Senior & Community Center. 

1. Untitled by Joe Thurston

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Joe Thurston is creating an engaging and integrated artwork for the Connector Wall of the new community center. The artwork comprises a series of 40-60 mirror-polished stainless steel-backed fused glass ovals, each etched with imagery reflecting civic, cultural, and natural elements significant to the Redmond Community. Ranging from 8” to 18” in size, these ovals adorn the entire west/east spine of the building, creating a visually captivating and durable canvas that seamlessly bridges the interior and exterior spaces, offering a dynamic and reflective experience for all visitors.

2. Altogether by Mauricio Ramirez


Mauricio Ramirez, a renowned contemporary muralist with a community-centric approach, will create an inviting and inclusive artwork for a prominent two-story site along the great wall. The piece aims to engage residents and visitors alike, visible at ground and second-floor levels, fostering diverse perspectives and encouraging interaction. Ramirez's vision centers on promoting cultural beauty and unity, embodying the integration of various colors, shapes, and identities to symbolize the strength and collaboration of a diverse community.

3. A Parable for Redmond by Laura Brodax

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Titled "A Parable for Redmond," the ceramic tile triptych mural embodies the harmony between nature and technology, reflecting the essence of Redmond's community and environment. The central panel features a symbolic Tree of Life amidst the river's flow, representing wisdom and inclusivity, while the flanking panels depict modern technological elements and honor past engineering achievements. The artwork portrays a celebratory ode to life and optimism for all visitors, embracing the essence of Redmond's past, present, and future.

4. Untitled by Shana Yellow Calf Lukinich

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Shana Yellow Calf Lukinich, drawing from her diverse cultural influences and heritage, is creating a captivating mixed media artwork for the north annex wall. Consisting of two sizable plexi-prints featuring dynamic dancing figures, flanked by hand-carved cedar paddles representing vital elements of nature, the artwork exudes vibrancy and cultural significance. Accompanied by metal flowers and incorporating the Metis style, the artwork pays homage to the past while standing as a contemporary counterpart to the "Fantail Bird" by Dudley Carter on the south annex wall, creating an inviting and beautiful space that resonates with the community and its diverse heritage.

October Update

The installation of windows and siding is now 90% complete. Basketball hoops and wall padding have been hung in the gymnasium, and significant progress has been made to the tiling in the locker rooms and showers. Interior framing and utility rough-in are also 90% complete, and windows have passed testing. In the next two weeks, crews will continue with the rough-in, drywall installation, and paint on the interior. On the exterior of the building, concrete paving is underway, including the events terrace, and final grading will continue in the next two weeks.

RSCC Pics 10.5.23 (1)

September Update

The month of August included significant work in the interior of the new building, as well as the complete installation of the solar panels on the roof. At this point, window installation is 70% complete, and siding is 80% complete, with final grading and finishing of concrete scheduled for the first half of September. Interior framing and the utility rough-in are currently at 80% complete, and more work will continue to progress in this area this month. At the end of August, skylights were tested with no issues found, and in the next two weeks, testing will progress to the windows. 

Main Entrance

July 2023 Update 2

In the past two weeks, we've made significant progress with nearly completed siding, 50% window installation, 40% sheetrock progress, ongoing exterior siding work, continued rough-in for utilities, and solar panel installation on the roof underway. Included below are photos showcasing the installed solar panels, exterior siding, and windows. In the next two weeks, the focus will be on completing the siding, continuing window and solar panel installations, and progressing with utility rough-in. In the included photos, you'll notice the senior entrance with window installation as well as the solar panels installed on the roof of the new community center. 

RSCC July 28, 2023

July 2023 Update

Recently, Absher took some updated photos of the construction progress with a drone. We are excited to share the updated images with you below:

Untitled design (54)

June 2023 Update 2

Exciting progress continues on the construction of the Redmond Senior & Community Center. Interior framing is 90% complete, with sheetrock installation currently underway. The roofing is nearing completion, pending detailed work around roof-mounted items. Interior utilities are 70% complete, ensuring a well-equipped facility. Trenching for power connection is finished, while exterior siding installation is in progress, enhancing the building's appearance.

Over the next two weeks, the construction team will focus on completing framing, advancing the weather barrier, installing mechanical systems on the roof, continuing siding installation, insulating the interior, and beginning window installation next week.


June 2023 Update

Crews are continuing to install the Accoya siding on the exterior of the building. Accoya siding was chosen for the building because it is designed to resist rot and stay strong against the elements for 50 or more years. In addition to the wood siding, stylized metal panels are being installed. These contribute to the modern and inviting look for the building.

The roof is nearing completion and receiving finishing touches. Interior framing and utilities are expected to be 75% complete by July. 

6.16.23 RSCC

May 2023 Update 2

This week the Accoya siding for the exteriors of the building arrived at the construction site. Crews are currently working to begin to install the siding. Accoya siding was chosen for the building because it is designed to resist rot and stay strong against the elements for 50 or more years.

In addition, roofing work continues. For this roof, tar is poured as a base layer, and then four other materials are layered on top. Over the next 1-2 weeks, there may be intermittent, mild odors on dry days as the project continues. This is to be expected as a part of the construction efforts in order to provide a high-quality, long-lasting roof for the project. 

MicrosoftTeams-image (14)

May 2023 Update 1

Crews are currently working to install rock wool insulation on the exterior of the building, as well as continuing to do roof work. The roof work does include a smell that you may notice over the next few weeks. The fire suppression system has also been installed, as well as the hot water tanks. Crews are also working on HVAC in the building. Parks staff recently took a tour of the progress, and you can see videos of the inside of the building on our Instagram @RedmondParks.

rscc 2

April 2023 

Staff recently conducted a tour of the site and were able to preview many of the interiors as interior framing continues to make immense progress. The MPP deck (mass plywood panel) was completed in mid-April, and the second-floor MPP  concrete pour for the walk/jog track was also finished. The construction crew is currently working on continued framing, roofing, and the weather barrier. The images below include text labeling each of the future spaces that are depicted.

Redmond SeniorCommunity Center Construction Update9

March 2023 

Since January, the project site has been bustling with activity. A significant update is that the majority of the roof has been lifted into place and secured. Skylights are currently being cut in their designated locations. Recently, staff was able to tour the building, which gave them the first glimpse of the size and scale of the new center. The framing of both the interior and exterior is still ongoing, and the mass plywood panels and beams used are adding charming warmth to the building's overall appearance. The screws in the picture below will act similar to rebar when the concrete floor is poured on the second floor. Around 30,000 screws will be drilled into place before the slab is eventually poured!

Screws on 2nd Level Floor_March 2023

Walk_Jog Track from 2nd Level_March 2023

January 2023 Update 2

Redmond’s new community gathering place continues to mark milestones and make great strides in construction. Next week, the community is invited to join the City of Redmond in celebrating the Redmond Senior & Community Center Topping Out Ceremony, as the project team places a beam in the tallest section of the building. The event will take place from 1 - 2 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 3 at the construction site adjacent to City Hall at 15670 NE 85th St, Redmond, WA 98052.  

Planning for programming and operations is well underway for the facility, which is scheduled to open in May 2024. While this opening date is six months later than expected due to supply chain issues related to electrical equipment for the building, the extra time will allow for additional planning time to hire and train staff, as well as fine-tune programming. 

Read more here.

January 2023 Update 1

A 240-ton crane is now on the construction site, hoisting steel beams into place inside the gymnasium on the south side of the project. The beams are forming the structural piece of walk/jog track, which can now be seen from outside of the construction fencing. There are several more concrete pours scheduled in the next few weeks. If the weather allows, the last pour for the first floor will be complete on Jan. 13. Staff are planning a "Topping Out" ceremony for late Jan. or early Feb., which will be announced through all of our communication channels once we have a chance to confirm timing with the contractor.

Gymnasium Steel_Jan 2023

December 2022 Update

Snow has arrived to the project site, but that has not stopped work on the 52,000-square-foot building. Crews have been able to complete more shear walls and concrete footings, under-slab utilities, and the elevator core. In the next week, concrete work continues along with completing the waterline on the north end of the project. Steel beams are planned to arrive on site in the middle of December, with a crane arriving in early January to move them into place. 

RSCC Project Site_December 2022 Snow

November 2022 Update 2

The concrete slab covering the gymnasium floor has been poured, serving as the foundation that will support thousands of community members running around the new facility when it opens. Conduit is carefully being labeled and fit into place in the community room, which will have hundreds of A/V wires, power cords, cabling, etc. running throughout the rest of the building. Trucks continue to arrive on site and are pumping concrete into footings on the north side of the project site, recently completing areas around the catering kitchen and Senior Entrance.

Concrete Pour Gym Slab 2_Nov 2022

November 2022 Update 1

Crews have continued pouring concrete footings and shear walls, recently completing areas by the Sammamish River Trail and Main Entrances. Under-slab utility conduit has been placed underneath the gymnasium, and we expect the first slab pour to be on Monday, Nov. 14. Lights have been brought onto the project site due to low light levels in the morning and evening work times. 

RSCC Project Site_Nov 2022

October 2022 Update 2

Fall weather brought precipitation to the job site; however, crews are continuing to pour wall footings when conditions allow. Onsite stormwater management best practices have been in place since the start of construction and will help filter sediment and pollutants from the project site. Pumps will be utilized to bring any standing water to the temporary stormwater facility as we move into the rainy season.
RSCC Stormwater_Oct 2022

October 2022  Update 1

The Redmond Senior & Community Center project continues to move forward, in-line with the project schedule. The Gymnasium walls, located on the south side of the project site are currently around 28 feet in height. The forms have been removed from the walls and ecology blocks are providing support. Construction crews are continuing the build out of wall forms near the Community Room, and the Main Entry, and will be ready for concrete pours in the next few days. 

It is truly exciting to walk through the project site and begin to see how the spaces that we've been looking at through computer screens, become a reality!

Project Site_City Hall in background

Project Site_Gym Walls

September 2022 Update

Vertical concrete forms have been installed and ready to accept the next concrete pour, scheduled for Sept. 30. Rebar, steel beams, and concrete will form the "walls" of the gymnasium as construction continues on the project site. Footings on the north side of the building have been excavated and will soon be ready for a concrete pour of its own. In the coming months, the team will pour the slab for the first floor and then construct vertical columns to support the second level and roof. 

Project Site_Sept 2022

September 2022  Update

Construction crews have been hard at work building out the forms for the shear wall footings on the south side of the project site. The forms have been outfitted with rebar and are roughly four feet deep which will provide structural integrity for the embeds, a fixture that is installed prior to pouring concrete. These anchors are used to transmit structural loads by tension, shear, or a combination of the two. The first big concrete pour of the project will take place on Sept. 8, with 280 cubic yards of concrete being trucked in every 15 minutes for six hours. The wooden forms will remain in place while the concrete cures, and eventually will be removed, and backfilled with structural fill.

Concrete Pour_Sept

Shear wall form installation

August 2022 Update 2

Rough grading is complete for the project site. A temporary stormwater collection system has been installed using ecology blocks on the SE corner of the project site, which will operate during the wet weather period (Aug - April 2023). Heavy and job-specific machinery are completing around 1,000 aggregate piers throughout the building footprint. Installation of temporary power for the construction site will take place the week of August 22.

Aggregate Pier Installation

August 2022 Update 1

Excavators are on-site completing rough grading in preparation for installing aggregate geopiers. The technical definition of the Geopier System is a ground improvement method that prestrains and prestresses the soil using soil "replacement" and soil "displacement" technology to strengthen soft soil and loose soil with very dense, stiff, rock columns constructed by heavy equipment crowd force and vertical impact ramming.

How it's done is fairly straightforward:

1.) Form the "geopier shaft" by drilling a hole in the soil

2.) Form a geopier "bottom bulb" by ramming crushed rock into the bottom of the shaft, so that the stone is pressed against the sides and bottom

3.) Layer crushed rock in by loading a hopper and using gravity to feed it into the shaft

Some of the benefits of the geopier construction method include no complicated steel or concrete connections, cost-effectiveness, and requires less piers than typical stone columns, resulting in less time on site. 

RSCC Project Site

July 2022 Update

The job trailer is on-site, construction fencing has been installed, and mobilization continues. Tree protection fencing is in place, and excavation/demolition of the project site has begun. Please note that the construction area is closed to the public; however, pedestrian access will remain open in-between the west side of the Public Safety Building and the eastern edge of the construction fence.

The Municipal Campus pickleball courts are adjacent to the active construction zone for the new senior and community center and the city remains dedicated to minimizing closures while also protecting the safety of all. The courts will be accessible via the Sammamish River Trail only. To receive the most up-to-date information, please follow the Parks and Recreation Department on Facebook where closures will be posted in real-time.


June 2022 Update

On June 2, the City of Redmond hosted the groundbreaking for the new Redmond Senior & Community Center. Community members, Mayor Birney, City Council, staff, state, and regional elected officials, and members of the project team gathered at the construction site on Municipal Campus for the ceremony, followed by an open house in City Hall. With the groundbreaking completed, there is a lot for our community to look forward to.

Linda McCrystal, a participant in the City's Senior Programs and co-chair of the Senior Advisory Committee, has been involved throughout the design process and is eager for the indoor walk/jog track, the kitchen for senior lunches, rooms for various crafts and classes, and the expanded outdoor dining opportunities.

"I look forward to hopefully volunteering in the kitchen for senior lunches or the coffee bar and enjoying Rockin' on the River and Derby Day events," she said. "Having a beautiful place indoors or outside to visit, sit, relax, and eat lunch with friends, attend various classes is important and lends itself to socializing, keeping the brain stimulated."

The project is expected to open in late 2023.

Groundbreaking Ceremony Seniors